Religious Circumcision (Post Not G-Rated)

Posted: January 27, 2014 in medicine, religion
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Jews tend to circumcise (remove the foreskin of the penis) their male children generally because their religion tells them to. The American medical profession tended to do it by default. That is changing, and circumcision rates are dropping significantly in the US, as WND indicates in their snippet from the Washington Post on December 28, 2013: “More U.S. Jews Questioning Circumcision.” The sub-title is, “Rabbi: ‘If America starts turning against this, give it one generation.'” ‘Cause, you know that England and Australia and other countries that don’t circumcise by default are cesspools.

The article only has 9 ratings (2.7/5 stars), but it garnered a respectable 139 comments, though the comments were not widely engaging (indicated by relatively few ratings on the top-rated ones).

The top-rated comment was by “wearyconservative1946” with 6 up and 1 down vote: “Sure, why not? Most U.S. Jews long ago abandoned everything else God told them to do (and not to do).”

Next is an interesting point by “George73” (3 up, 0 down votes): “Circumcision is not a part of Christianity. When the Apostles met at Jerusalem to determine the requirements to be a Christian, circumcision was omitted from the list of requirements. Circumcision is not necessary. This is all made clear in the 15th Chapter of the Book of Acts. The Catholic Church officially opposes circumcision.”

Next is a comment by “ngorgh” which is just a bunch of Bible quotes. Next is “Hot Stuff” who got 6 up and 2 down votes: “I was circ’ed at 5 years of age by my mother’s wishes; she wanted her son to look like his father. They tried to cut me without anesthetic but I put up too great a fight. So I went under the ether. When I awoke my little weewee was bandaged and hurt like hell. It was so sore that I couldn’t wear my levis for over a week. No wonder boy babies cry so much in their diapers. I think that mothers who force this babarian mutilation on their sons should submit themselves and their daughters to female circumcision like they do in Africa.”

Many other comments are just debating if it’s good or bad.

What I don’t understand is how this religious dictate is justified. Granted, an all-powerful deity doesn’t “need” a reason per se, but it would be nice to get one. I’ve heard it described as a “covenant” made with God, something like a man willing to sacrifice a part of himself to a creator that made him perfect to begin with? Or something like that.

Or maybe God just likes calamari but doesn’t want to kill squid. Yeah, I think that’s it. God takes all those foreskins, puts ’em in some buttermilk for an hour or two, breads ’em, and deep fries for 4-5 minutes. Mmmmmmmm … sacdelicious.


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