A Pseudoscience WND Commenters Don’t Believe in: Crop Circles

Posted: January 28, 2014 in science
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On this blog, I often point out the pseudoscience that WND promotes and its commenters support. Birther conspiracies, anything dealing with supporting Christianity, “alternative” medicine, etc. are all standards. But something I’ve noticed is that WND doesn’t tend to support UFO-type stories and their relative, crop circles. This is certainly evidenced in a trio of articles starting on January 1, ending on January 6, about a crop circle in California that turned out to be a marketing publicity stunt by graphics chip maker NVIDIA.

The first got 3 ratings (3.7/5 average) and 3 comments, the top one (“Mamzer_FEMA_REGION_IV” (2 up, 0 down)) catching on before the official announcement: “silicon valley must be releasing a new electronic chip. Nice marketing ploy”

The second and third were much more engaging with readers, getting 400 ratings (3.92/5) and 118 ratings (3.65/5), respectively, and 374 and 165 comments, respectively.

Now, in the comments to the second story, there are believers. But at least half of the ones I read are saying things like “joecorea.” who wrote, “The entire crop circle thing is just so stupid.” The remaining half are along the lines of this being aliens or fallen angels.

The comments in the third story again follow the VERY roughly 50/50 split. Again, half are those who reiterated “These crop circles have been proven over and over again to be be man made. No “mystery” or “Aliens” involved.” (by “ohmama”) But, the other half maintain a bit of mystery (“HOW do they do it?” via “BravesBeliever”) and saying that aliens DID do it — illegal aliens!!

Sigh. Still, better than comments on an alt-med story.


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