Small-Government Republican, or Government-Legislates-Morality Republican?

Posted: January 28, 2014 in politics, Republicans / GOP
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Another short post interlude from the 20+ so far that I’ve prepared in advanced based on WND articles while I was in Australia. The WND article is unattributed and headlined: “Lou Dobbs Tells GOP How to Win Next Election.” What he says is this:

[H]e believes former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney doomed his campaign when he said 47 percent of Americans had no incentive to embrace his campaign because they are “dependent upon government” and “pay no income tax.”

Also citing a poll showing 78 percent of Americans support legal abortions in at least some circumstances and the recent momentum for same-sex marriage, Dobbs calls for Republicans to forget the focus on social issues and embrace an economic agenda that will appeal to a wide swath of voters.

“I believe the Republican Party just has no choice but to embrace all Americans around the traditional values of the Republican Party,” he said. “That is a temperate foreign policy, a prudent fiscal policy, a pro-economic growth policy, a pro-prosperity policy and equal opportunity for all within our borders. To create a nation that is prosperous, that is at peace, and is focused on a brighter future rather than creating more debt for our children.”

This coincides with pretty much all post-2012 analyses that I have seen of the GOP election losses and the election losses since then. All those except by Tea Party and über-conservative sources who think that Republican Small-Government means the government needs to legislate all social issues and morality. However, while this post had an attached poll and 591 people voted in it, only 11% responded that, “Yes, government has no business being involved in moral issues anyway.” 77% reject Dobbs’ argument, as do the majority of the 457 comments. While WND appeals to a minority of Republicans, these are the ones who show up in the early primaries and to whom candidates must appeal if they want to make it to the actual election, and if they continue to think this, I predict more losses.


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