Are (Conservative) Christians Seriously This Ignorant? Another “Rules for Everyone But Me” Story

Posted: January 30, 2014 in politics, religion
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I should’ve started numbering these posts when I did the first one. Oh well. This 4-paragraph snippet is courtesy of the Arkansas Matters, and WND posted it on January 14 (I’m catching up!) under the headline, “Atheists Want Cross Off Police Property.” To quote Annie Gaylor of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF), “The Searcy Police Chief seems to mistake public property for private property” by placing a cross on the grounds of the Searcy Police Department.

Seems pretty clear: A government entity (part of the executive branch, if you read my last post), giving the appearance of endorsing one religion over all others by placing a religious symbol for Christianity (a cross) on public property. Unconstitutional.

Unless you’re a conservative Christian? From the top-rated comment (10 up, 1 down vote) by “Conservative American:”

One of the major aspects of these law suits and bullying is the old saying “follow the
money”. The aclu and ffrf have found that they can make a lot of money from tax payer paid attorney’s fees. They find people who are willing to allow them to use their name for the suit and if they go to court and win they charge the government large fees. They play the numbers. Ask yourself why they seem to pick on small out of the way districts.
The added bonus is poking Christians in the eye. As well as furthering the communist agenda.

Actually, the ACLU and FFRF could be very easily caused to make $0 off of these cases simply if these public officials and institutions chose to follow the law and Constitution. I actually get kinda indignant and ticked off at these when they (the Christians) choose to use public money to defend clearly unconstitutional things and then lose that money in fees when they ultimately lose because they are in the wrong.

Maybe the ACLU and FFRF should set up a fund to return that money to non-Christian taxpayers in those jurisdictions.


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