In the Mind of Bigots, Responding to Oklahoma Finding Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

Posted: January 30, 2014 in homosexuality
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Continuing a string of legal victories for marriage equality proponents, in mid-January, a federal judge in Oklahoma struck down Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage, finding it unconstitutional. However, he stayed his ruling pending the certain appeals (probably to avoid a situation like Utah’s). World Net Daily copied three paragraphs and a figure caption – without the figure, and put in the middle of the text – from The Oklahoman and entitled it, “Oklahoma ‘Gay’-Marriage Ban ‘Unconstitutional.’

A few days later, they published two paragraphs from People’s World with the headline, “Communist Party Cheers ‘Gay’ Marriage.” I think this is supposed to be a “poisoning the well” logical fallacy — most WND’ers consider communists bad, therefore if they like something, it’s even more reason for WND folks to dislike it.

I’d be repeating myself if I cited all my normal commentary on how conservatives are fighting a losing battle on this issue. But, instead of closing out the article and not writing about it, I decided to delve into the 184 comments to try to understand what the arguments still are on the conservative side against marriage equality. Here’s what I found:

  • Homosexuals are not an ethnic nor sectarian minority and therefore don’t deserve protected rights.
  • Homosexuals are defined only by “sexual deviance.”
  • “Anal intercourse or lesbian mutual masturbation are not constitutionally protected rights.” –“jtrollla”
  • The ~50% of Americans who support same-sex marriage “are deceived” (“3rdryder”)
  • Moral disapproval (my a majority) should be a permissible justification.
  • Gays can get married to an opposite-sex partner.
  • God
  • Jesus

I know it’s been pointed out elsewhere, but I actually find this kind of thing reassuring. These ridiculous arguments clearly show that there aren’t any rational ones that can be made for preventing two people of the same gender from entering into a legally binding contract and receive the legal rights, protections, and responsibilities thereof.

Edited to Add (February 1, 2014): I missed this in my queue, that WND’s Ilana Mercer has an article about it, as well: “Conned About Marriage, Constitution and ‘States’ Rights.'”


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