Sometimes, Crazy Is Just Met with Silence: Another Pamela Geller Anti-Islam Column

Posted: February 1, 2014 in bat-s**t-crazy, education, religion
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This story is brought to you by Christian Love™. Sigh …

I’ve talked a bit about Pamela Geller before on this blog, and I think for brevity that I’ll just link to Right Wing Watch’s page of articles on her. She is about as islamophobic as one can be. Her World Net Daily column from January 19 is another good example: “Islam in a Public School.”

Assuming it’s not made up, the bulk of her column is a letter from a concerned parent. The short-short version is that the 4th grade child (age ~9) goes to a charter school. Parents are conservative and live in a pocket of very conservative in an otherwise liberal state. Child was picked up by Mom, “as she got in the car, she proclaimed, “Allah is great,” and then said it in Arabic.” Mom was so furious that she “was shaking.” Told Dad, Dad was mad, wrote long letter on homework saying daughter will not do it, demanded an A anyway. “Their previous unit was the Middle Ages, in which they were learning about castles, kings and queens, and even about the Plague. That unit was completely fine, but when I learned they were learning about Islam.” Called school Vice Principal, got kid taken out of class until the unit was done. Started Facebook group, other parents pulled their kids out. But …

When this Islam unit happened, another parent made a post in the group protesting the fact that Islam was being taught. She and I and a few other parents all gave our thoughts on the matter. The interesting part is that the majority of parents who responded to this post made us out to be crazy and ignorant. They were happy that Islam was being taught, because they wanted their kids to be cultured and learn about other ways of life that they normally would not learn about in our super conservative town. When they were informed of how Islam is not the religion of peace that it was being made out to be in the classes, there was silence. No response at all.

Um, yeah lady. Because at some point, there’s just no use arguing with crazy. If you want your child to grow up ignorant of every other culture and religion, so be it. But you need to realize that REGARDLESS of your own views, if you raise your child to be ignorant, she will remain ignorant unless she can escape you. That can only negatively affect her in the world, unless you expect her to stay perpetually in your small town and never have anything to do with anything beyond it.

Ms. Geller’s column garnered 61 ratings for an average 4.66/5 stars, and it has 141 comments. That’s one of the more engaging columns I’ve seen of hers, or at least that I’ve written about. It’s not worth going into the comments because, as usual, they are what one would expect of WND. There are also none that are TOO too crazy (at least, not beyond what I’ve already quoted in this post).


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