Gays Are Really Hetero, They’re Just Afraid to Admit It

Posted: February 16, 2014 in homosexuality
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Linda Harvey was at it again in late January with this little gem of a column, “Reality: Everyone Is a Heterosexual.” What is her justification? you may ask. I may answer (so you don’t have to read her column):

[T]here’s a simple fact of human life: We are created to mate with someone of the opposite sex. Any other sexual practice is artificial and often harmful, and the confused folks with those desires need a reality check. It’s totally possible to leave it all in the past, as the world’s many ex-homosexuals have done.

… Conservatives and particularly those who adhere to Christian biblical standards understand that God designed Adam to seek and find an Eve. They ideally marry and experience companionship, love and sexual passion.

Yup, that’s right, her reason is that people are created so Tab A fits into Slot B. Except, I’m pretty sure there are a few other slots. Maybe Linda Harvey should have actually paid attention in sex ed … oh wait, she’s probably one of those who also think that sex ed classes should be abolished.

It gets better:

The infuriated “gays” are all closet heterosexuals, terrified someone will find out and blow the lid off this movement.

Linda’s column earned her 179 ratings, but only 3.78/5 stars (compare that with the post I just made about the Florida House candidate calling for Obama’s death getting an average of 4.86 stars). There are also 474 comments. What’s interesting to me is that there appeared to be little engagement within the comments, indicated by the highest-rated comment being only 19 up- and 1 down-vote.

I also think that a few of these comments were written by definite pro-LGBT people, considering that a reply to that comment was by “Halou” and got 8 up- and 1 down-vote: “Religious authorities and conservatives are telling me that despite having less than no interest in doing so, I must marry a baby factory/woman for the benefit of their sense of self-worth.”

As another example, “Bernie Keefe” got 20 up- and 3 down-votes with: “Once again Ms Harvey employs sophism over logic & reason, lacking of course, any shred of empirical evidence to back her assertions. Perhaps one day, one of Ms Harvey’s grandchildren may discover during puberty that they are attracted to the same sex, what will she say then?”

I like “HazumuOsaragi”‘s comment (18 up, 3 down) (emphasis in original):

God’s love is unconditional and eternal – unless you:
Are gay (Lev 18:22)
Commit adultery (Ex 20:14)(including even admiring another woman: Matt 5:27-30)
Have long hair (1 Cor 11:14)
Are not circumcised (Gen 17:10)
Are a murderer (Ex 20:13)
Are not a murderer (Ex 20:13)
Are an alcoholic (Prov 20:1)
Are a woman (Gen 3:16)
Are circumcised (Gal 5:2)
Have sexual intercourse (1 Cor 7:1-40)
Have damaged male organs (Deu 23:1)
Use birth control (Gen 38:1-10)
Are pregnant or give birth (Lev 12:1-8)
Cross dress (Deu 22:5)
Have premarital sex (Deu 22:13-21)
Urinate in public (1 Sam 25:22)
Speak His name in vain (Lev 25:16)
If you do any of these things (among many others,) you will burn for eternity in hell…
because He loves you.

And, if you’d like someone else’s take on her column, Right Wing Watch kindly obliges.


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