Battleground Map to Fight for the Children!!

Posted: February 18, 2014 in education
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Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?!?

Helen Lovejoy Thinking of the Children

Helen Lovejoy Thinking of the Children (© Matt Groening)

I’m posting this more for m own reference in the future, but WND published on January 25 a map, and article, entitled “Battleground Schools Fighting Over Sex, Evolution, Bible.”

Ahem. Now, to a sane person, those last two should be non-starters in public school. Evolution is the foundation of modern biology, and the Bible is, well, not relevant to public schools. As for “Sex,” well, they mean sex ed, which über-conservatives appear to be mostly against for some reason (probably (snarkily) because they want more conservatives born; probably (really) because they consider it a matter for parents to teach, not schools).

The map itself is put out by the CATO Institute, and it has different color pins on an interactive Google Map for the following topics:

  • Curriculum
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Gender Equity
  • Human Origins
  • Moral Values
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Reading Material
  • Religion
  • Sexuality

Interested in what they call attention to? So was I, so I checked out my area near Boulder, CO. Fortunately, there was only one objectionable thing, and it was magenta, indicating Moral Values were at stake. This is what pops up when I clicked on it:

Promoting Sexual Experimentation and Drug Use?
When Joel Becker, associate clinical professor of psychology at UCLA, spoke at Boulder High School, he made comments promoting sexual experimentation, safe sex, and experimentation with various drugs. He argued that youths would do those things whether told to or not, and therefore safety and responsibility should be promoted. The event was university-sponsored, but some high school students were forced to attend and several members of the community protested. Local lawyer and radio show host Dan Caplis stated that “these experts came in to undermine and contradict everything most parents at that school are trying to teach their kids about sex and drugs.” The school board ruled that future panels would be optional for all students.

State: Colorado
District: Boulder Valley
Type: Moral Values
Year: 2007

Okay … that’s kinda boring. What about Freedom of Expression, a green pin? From Aurora, CO:

Patriotic Obama Critique?
Daxx Dalton, a fifth grader at Aurora Frontier K-8 School, arrived at school wearing a homemade shirt that read, “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend.” The school encouraged kids to wear patriotic clothing, and Dalton’s father, Dann, was the one who came up with the idea and the slogan. When asked by the school to turn the shirt inside out or face suspension, Dalton chose suspension. His father responded that “the idea that free speech is in someone else’s hands…is just something I am not going to tolerate.”

State: Colorado
District: Aurora
Type: Freedom of Expression
Year: 2008

What about modern-day book burning? Well, south of Denver, in Englewood, CO, this apparently merited a white pin:

Bluest Eyes Too Blue
After receiving complaints from parents about explicit sex scenes, including depictions of rape, the Littleton Board of Education banned Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eyes.” District English teachers, however, vowed to bring the book back. “It’s pretty shocking that any school board would ban a book by a Nobel Prize winner,” said teacher Judy Vlasin at a special meeting about the ban. “It’s a huge step backward for the school district.” Parent Pam Cirbo had a different take: “Do they (students) need to know the explicit graphicness of rape? I don’t think so.” It was student Camille Okoren, however, who best summarized the problem: “Everyone is offended by different things.”

State: Colorado
District: Littleton
Type: Reading Material
Year: 2006

Sorry kids, let’s keep you in a bubble. In Colorado, though, most of the pins were blue, indicating a Curriculum issue. Apparently, last year, where I used to live in Westminster, CO, we had this problem:

Global Warming “Comprehension”
Fifth graders at Fremont Elementary School were assigned a reading that portrayed the United States as largely underwater in 500 years due to human-induced global warming. It also asked students to answer, “How could the problems have been avaoided?” The assignment elicited national condemnation from conservatives who saw it as politicized, but the district insisted the reading was not intended to push global warming concerns. Priscilla Straughn, a district curriculum specialist, said the assignment was about “comprehension” with science fiction, and nothing more.

State: Colorado
District: Jefferson County
Type: Curriculum
Year: 2013

For a religious issue (yellow), I had to go to the western edge of the state, Grand Junction, where apparently singing anything Christian is okay, but not Muslim:

Choir Sings Islamic Song
James Harper quit the Grand Junction High School’s choir because of the director’s decision to perform an Islamic song. “I really don’t feel it is appropriate for students in a public high school to be singing an Islamic worship song,” said Harper. “I think there would be a lot of outrage if we made a Muslim choir say Jesus Christ is the only truth.” The district defended the director’s decision. “This is not a case where the school is endorsing or promoting any particular religion…The song was chosen because its rhythms and other qualities would provide an opportunity to exhibit the musical talent and skills of the group in competition, not because of its religious message or lyrics,” said district spokesman Jeff Kirtland.

State: Colorado
District: Mesa County Valley 51
Type: Religion
Year: 2012

I think you get the idea. I actually agree that this is a resource. Probably the opposite kind of resource that it was intended for, but one nonetheless. It got 40 ratings (4.5/5 stars) and 100 comments on WND.

To close with the opening, the top-rated comment is by “the3rdmanhearsall” who got 27 up-votes and 0 down-votes. His comment is much longer, but the first sentence is, “The children have always been the goal.”


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