Skype-Based Exorcisms Are Now a Thing, But “Experts” Say They’re Worthless

Posted: February 18, 2014 in religion
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This set of stories falls into the same category as, “Farmer Joe caught a leprechaun using Lucky Charms as bait, but experts in leprechaun catching say Lucky Charms are useless as bait.”

First up, we have a single paragraph quote from a CNN article entitled, “Pastor Performs Exorcism via Skype.” The follow-up three days later, on an unattributed WND-TV story, was “Exorcisms via Skype ‘Worthless,’ Say Experts.”

So, first up we have the Rev. Bob Larson, who claims to personally have gone head-to-head (soul-to-soul?) with over 20,000 demons. Larson is 69 years old, so if he started this at age 10, that’s just under 1 demon per day, every day. His daughter leads the Teen Exorcism Squad with her two busty side-kicks. Not that I’m trying to poison the well here.

Apparently not content with bilking people out of millions via his live and television performances, Larson has turned to the modern, computer, internet era and January 25, 2014, the story made the rounds that he is now exorcising demons over Skype. Fortunately, in the first WND snippet, there were zero ratings and only 16 comments, most of them calling Rev. Larson a fraud. For legal reasons, I of course make no statement myself about whether or not he is a fraud, I’m just reporting that other people have called him that.

The second article is three paragraphs from VOCATIV along with an embedded video that I didn’t bother to watch. The original article quotes from “experts” who doubt Larson’s technological marvel:

“They just can’t be done that way,” says Reverend Isaac Kramer, director of the International Catholic Association of Exorcists, an organization that trains and ordains new exorcists. “If a person is fully possessed, the demon inside of them will not let them sit in front of the computer screen to be exorcised. Chances are, they’re going to throw the computer screen across the room and destroy everything.”

… All this is why religious leaders like Kramer are slamming Larson’s hawking of Skype exorcisms on his website. It’s ”your chance to receive ministry…from the quiet and comfort of your own home,” reads Larson’s site. “Experience healing and delivery at YOUR CONVENIENCE.”

… But the reverend argues that there isn’t much point to digitizing the exorcism, anyway. He asks rhetorically: “Why try to modernize something that’s already been perfected?”

Okay, again, these people are arguing about demon possession of a person and whether that demon can be removed via Skype or if you have to be there in-person to get prayed over. And yes, the year is 2014, not 1014, if you were unsure. We have grown men talking about this and believing it.

I think I’m going to go get a box, a stick, some string, and some Lucky Charms and set up a trap outside for some leprechauns; I sure could use their pot of gold to help pay some bills since I don’t have a thriving exorcism business, myself.


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