WND Is Still Pushing the whole “Blood Moon” Thing that I’ve Debunked

Posted: February 18, 2014 in religion, science
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For background, see this post back from October 5, 2013. In short, starting this year, two lunar eclipses will occur on Jewish holidays, to repeat again in 2015. Some religious crazies are claiming this means various Biblical things. And, I went into detail on my podcast about why that’s not true, and why you expect lunar eclipses to happen on several Jewish holidays.

But, apparently WND does not listen to my podcast. Or read this blog. They are still promoting this thing, mostly (I think) to sell stuff that they publish by Pastor John Hagee (WND has an online store, and they have a publishing house for actual books).

I think this will be my last post on the subject, until maybe after the last one happens in 2015. I’m sure WND will continue to push this farce, and apparently with good reason: It gets a lot of engagement amongst its listenership, with 332 ratings (4.76/5 stars), and 688 comments. WND’ers are excited because, as the highest-rated commenter wrote (Majik Imaje, 54 up 0 down): “God is about to unveil all that was written in Revelation – Stand Up & Cheer & Rejoice with Gladness!! Our King is coming .. .. .. !”


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