A New Impact Crater on Mars Brings Out the WND Crazies … Yes, Even Crazy for WND

Posted: February 22, 2014 in conspiracy, science
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Ahem. So, this made news a few weeks ago, a new impact crater on Mars, formed between 2010 and 2012 (we have before and after images).

HiRISE Image of New Mars Impact Crater (PIA17932) (©NASA/JPL-CalTech/UofA)

HiRISE Image of New Mars Impact Crater (PIA17932) (©NASA/JPL-CalTech/UofA)

It’s a straight-forward article, no WND spin, but I left it open just in case something crazy happened.

Well, it’s gotten 6 comments. The first one is by “jagiorda” which – to me – reads tongue-in-cheek purporting that it’s fake like the moon landings, evolution, “and a round earth.” To me, that last part is what gives it away as a Poe.

The first response to him/her/it is by “Guest,” and “Michael” responded to “Guest:”

The moon landing very well “could” have been a hoax out in the Nevada desert, which at night looks very much like moonscape. I don’t believe that back in the late sixties that they had the technology to put a manned mission to the moon. Today yes, then no. Evolution is a false branch of science though other science branches are true. Evolution was just put in science to destroy belief in God and so control the masses. Whenever there is a God fearing people the government has a very hard time controlling the people. Destroy God, subject nations. And yes the earth really is round, that I agree on.

There is an exact replica that was of the Sea of Capricorn built somewhere they practiced on. I believe in Arizona. As well I have listened and read quite a bit about it , by very astute people with Degrees up the Wazoo as to why and how it was not real. Passing through the Van Allen radiation belt twice should have caused all the Astronauts to have died within several years. The most spectacular photos ever taken by non photographers with a Hasselblad camera that didn’t even have a view finder on the camera because it couldn’t be used with the helmet and gold visor. They were trained for ONE DAY as to how to use it and take photos. . Film that went through the great amount of radiation , and there is NO RECORD of any lead lined or anything else to have protected the film. I know for a first hand fact , airport X-ray machines wiped out film back in the day of actual film. Can’t remember which astronaut it was , but he was asked what it was like and he couldn’t even describe it , he said ” it was like a dream “. Yeah , dreams can be described and one of a few who walked on the moon can’t remember what it was like ? Nor describe it ? Pretty strange. Russia and China both said it was fake , which you can understand them saying. But why wouldn’t Russia go ahead and send their own even after we were to have made it to the moon? Because they said it couldn’t be done is why they didn’t. The ” moon Rocks ” are indistinguishable from earth rocks. They were examined a few years back in Hawaii , the samples of earth and ” Moon” rocks were sent to be emxined and BOTH samples had been pulverized to dust , no longer even rocks per se. Why were they ground into powder ? Then they were identical. Although some say the moon was spun off from earth by an impact on earth creating the moon. And all of the dust billowing up as the module landed on the surface, then photos of the landing pads with NO DUST whatsoever having managed to settle back down onto the pads. Perfectly clean.

Who knows , but I have my doubts as to the truth telling integrity of the government. Does everybody still believe a poor marksman with a rifle with bad sights hit the head of a moving target from an elevated position in Dallas ? Or that he was the ONLY perpetrator ?

There’s much , much more that I’m not going to bother typing. But if the US Gubermint spent who knows how much Cha-Ching on something and telling the public we were ” going to beat the Russians to the moon ” during the height of the Cold War , then finding out they screwed up and found out it wasn’t possible , I can see them faking it to save face.

Wow. So, because the moon landings “very well ‘could’ have been a hoax” (they weren’t), evolution is a false branch of science which means we’re out to destroy God? At least he agrees that Earth is round. The reply is just a stream-of-consciousness litany of easily debunked moon hoax go-to arguments.

Meanwhile, apparently this new Mars impact crater has to do with global warming, or so-claims “Steven Kimball” as a way to discredit science: “Global warming must have caused that new crater. I’m sure at least one so-called scientist will make that claim.”

The fifth comment comes from “Montesquieu” which is just some weird statement that seems like it was copied-and-pasted randomly here: “Although democratic processes are usually found in states that enjoy morality, liberty, and prosperity, by no means are morality, liberty, and prosperity always present in states claiming democracy.”

And finally, “Daniel Martinovich” apparently doesn’t realize that a rock seen in a photo by one of the rovers on Mars does not have anything to do with this new impact crater: “There is the reason the rock appeared in the place it wasn’t on a previous picture taken by the mars rover. I thought that was how it “appeared” there. Nice to see possible verification.”


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