We Needed More Conspiracy? NASA Is in on the Blood Moon “Prophecy”?

Posted: February 23, 2014 in conspiracy
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I’m stepping away from my slightly dwindling back-log of WND articles to comment on a pair of ’em. Any reader of this blog should by now be familiar with the “Blood Moon ‘Prophecy'” thing that I debunked in a podcast episode last year that WND keeps pushing every few weeks. The short-short-short version is that, occasionally, just because of the way things line up, you get a few lunar eclipses (scary “blood moons” sounds much more ominous) that coincide with Jewish holidays … because Jewish holidays are DEFINED by the Hebrew calendar with is a LUNAR calendar and half the holidays happen on full moons, the only time you can get a lunar eclipse. This was brought up by Mark Blitz and WND is selling his books on the subject.

Just a few days ago, I put up a post about it again and said it would likely be my last until the whole thing was over in twoish years. And then WND struck again, in two articles by Joe Kovacs, the latter published just a few hours ago:

I’ll spare you the lengthy drivel and conspiracy-mongering that Kovacs goes into to summarize: On Feb. 12, WND put out another story on the “blood moons” crap, on Feb. 16 they noticed that NASA’s eclipse website went down and claimed conspiracy, and on Feb. 23 (today) they noticed that it was back up and are pestering NASA to admit that it was because of the “prophecy.” Meanwhile, nearly 1000 WND responders to a poll – 77% – said that this has to do with God trying to get our attention, probably about judgement (THE Judgement).

Commenter “Majik Imaje” with 20 up and unknown down (Disqus in the last day or so decided to stop telling you how many down-votes people got) summarizes this: “NASA & Our Government want the people to avoid discussing this issue. It would cause them too many problems for their NWO plans. Remove the evidence – Shoot the messengers. Just ignore it & it will go away. I’m afraid not; The Whole World is anxiously awaiting the imminent Return of the King of King’s – Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Standing – Clapping – Cheering – Hallelujah – Glory to God!! The Heavens declare the handiwork of the Lord and it is about to happen – !! Jumping up & down with glee!!”

When WND pestered NASA, they got this:

“The site was taken offline because it was not up to date and was therefore confusing to those planning for future solar eclipses,” said Karen Smale, the Web editor-in-chief for NASA’s Sciences and Exploration Directorate at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md.

“If the site is updated again, it will be brought back online,” she added last week.

Then seemingly out of the blue, the eclipse site became unhidden Friday afternoon, Feb. 21.

The reason I say this is drivel is two-fold. First off, NASA’s eclipse website goes offline all the time. For a few days around the last lunar eclipse I was watching (I think back in 2012), it was offline which really ticked me off. A few months ago, for some random reason, I tried to get on again and it was offline. I have no idea why, but I didn’t go pestering NASA asking if they were trying to hide something. Websites go down. All because it’s a government-run (NASA) website does not mean that it’s on a great server.

Why? That gets to my second reason that this is drivel: This information is not hidden. And, it’s not even on NASA’s website. When NASA’s site was down, they directed you to another government agency’s site which had the eclipse information. And, there are innumerable websites out there with lunar eclipse information, including the 6th-most popular website in the world, Wikipedia, which has a list of the eclipses this century and a specific page for the one in a few weeks, April 15, 2014. Versus NASA’s website which, as a whole, is only around the 1,240th-most looked-at website in the world. And, none of these sites that have the eclipse data and maps correlate it with the Jewish holiday calendar.

WND published an e-mail by “Walt” on February 18:

[To Joe Kovacs:] Regarding “Blood moons fallout: NASA goes hiding”:

Are you:

1. just a cynical bastard trying to make a buck working for this website?
2. a fringe religious nut who wants to believe in any idea that feeds the common delusion? or
3. Bats–t crazy?

I really want to know.


As usual, there are no comments on the e-mail.

But, Joe Kovacs, since 1999, has been the “executive news editor of WND.” If this is his idea of journalism – a mystery-mongering conspiracy story that a high school student would laugh at putting in their school paper – it speaks volumes about WND’s standards. Or lack-there-of.

  1. Joanne J says:

    These Blood Red Moon’s are every so often in pairs of two. Like 2014 2015 . 2043 2044 & 2050 2051 are the dates I’d pick 7 years apart, for each.

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