Surprising Stories that WND Hasn’t Talked About, Part 1: Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law(s)

Posted: February 28, 2014 in homosexuality, legal / law, politics
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World Net Daily posts a lot of anti-gay stuff, championing the cause. This past week, they have made much about Arizona’s anti-gay bill that Gov. Brewer vetoed two days ago (there’ll be a post on that soon). What’s surprising to me, however, is that there have only been two blips that I’ve been able to find on WND about Uganda’s horribly anti-gay bill that was signed into law this week and has been championed by occasional WND columnist Scott Lively, something for which he is currently being prosecuted for as a crime against humanity.

The news this week has made headlines around the world, and the repercussions have already been felt. If you haven’t been paying attention to this, or you’re reading this months after the fact and have forgotten, the issue is that Uganda, like most of Africa, is virulently anti-gay. Such that its parliament passed a bill that would jail anyone for being gay or “promoting” it; the language about killing gays was dropped in favor of life imprisonment (because nothing gay goes on in prison).

Hope was raised in January when President Museveni said he wouldn’t rush to sign the bill, and in late January, he said he would only sign it if “Science” proves that being gay is a choice. Of course, Ugandan scientitians quickly came up with that proof, and though Museveni implored other scientists not from Uganda to show it wasn’t a choice, last week he signed the bill into law, and the new law will “impose lifetime jail sentences for certain instances of homosexuality and would sentence anyone who performs a same-sex marriage to seven years’ imprisonment.”

The rest of the world was not happy. Since Uganda’s economy hinges on financial aid from first world economies, including many in Europe and the United States, many are threatening to withhold that aid as a consequence of the passage of the bill into law. Anti-gay politicians there have said they don’t care, that they won’t be held hostage and be told what to do by other countries. Which I kinda personally agree with … just don’t expect us to give you money then.

And, it’s hurt. In the course of just a few days, Uganda’s currency dropped almost 2% relative to other world currencies as Europe is withholding aid. Multiple politicians in the U.S. – including Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator Patrick Leahy – are threatening to cut the U.S.’s aid (source 1, source 2). And yesterday, the World Bank has delayed a $90M health care loan that was going to be approved, but they have delayed it indefinitely.

All of this has come to a head in just the last two weeks, and yet not a single article about it on World Net Daily. Not a three-paragraph snippet from another source, not an article by one of their columnists, nada. And yet, one would think that this would be trumpeted as not only a victory – as Scott Lively has – but also another example of left-wing and militant gays’ persecution of conservatives and Christians by us withholding money because of it.

It’s possible WND will still do a story on it, perhaps this weekend. However, the silence on it so far is surprising. Perhaps it’s too extreme even for them? After all, they claim that “what’s next” is that Christians will be jailed for their anti-gay beliefs; perhaps an actual law that jails people just for being gay hurts that persecution narrative.

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