Colleges Open Minds, World Net Daily Commenters Are Scared and Oppressed, Part 2

Posted: March 6, 2014 in education, homosexuality
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I didn’t think this would be Yet Another Series on the blog, but, that’s what happens when you have a mindset stuck in a rut. In the first one, back in August 2013, I wrote about a psychology professor who had offered an extra credit assignment to wear a gay pride ribbon and see what kind of stigma they faced. She was persecuted for the extra credit assignment but eventually cleared of all wrong-doing allegations.

The latest version is on WND as a four-paragraph snippet headlined as, “S.C. Lawmakers: Penalize Colleges Over ‘Gay’ Books.” The idea is that, these days, most colleges give an assigned book over the summer to all incoming freshmen who then have to discuss it as part of a class they all have to take. And, two South Carolina schools – College of Charleston and University of South Carolina Upstate (USC) – assigned books with homosexual themes. The former was Alison Bechdel’s book Fun Home (growing up with a closeted gay dad, and discovering she’s a lesbian), and the latter was Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio.

Conservative legislators (is that redundant in South Carolina?) weren’t happy, and the budget-writting committee in the House approved a plan that would cut $52,000 and $17,142, respectively, from each school’s budget in retaliation.

So much for free speech. So much for freedom of expression. So much for academic freedom. So much for OPENING YOUR EYES.

I guess you know where I stand on this. And let’s say that you’re totally against The Gay. You’d like to live in Uganda where gays are locked up for life so that you don’t have to confront The Icky. Does that mean you shouldn’t know about it? Does that mean that you can’t express that opinion in the class after you’ve read the book? Does that mean that you shouldn’t at least passively get told the other side’s perspective? Isn’t that what college is all about?

I guess not, at least as far as some South Carolina Legislators are concerned. Oh, and of course, WND commenters. From the rantings of “Fred Ricardo” (“LGBTchildren commit suicide because homosexuality is a mental
disease.”) to the conspiracy of “HopalongCassidy” (“Promoting the gay agenda is part of the communist philosophy to destroy the moral fabric of a nation and replace God with government dependence.”) to the completely-missing-the-point of “Sorceress” (“Universities are not supposed to disseminate propaganda. While many philosophies and ideas may be discussed in appropriate forums. the idea that the university can force its students to embrace a particular lifestyle is abhorrent.”), I didn’t see any comment other than likely the one that was censored (oye — a censored comment on an article about censorship?) that supported the university or college.


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