Reporting on Catholics Shutting Off Utilities for Protestants Is “Religious Rabble-Rousing”

Posted: April 9, 2014 in religion
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In an unattributed “WND Exclusive” from February 28, 2014, WND reported, “Water, Power Cut Off from Protestant Families.” Don’t worry — the story takes place in a Mexican Village because, “more than two dozen Protestant families for refusing to contribute financially to the local festivities being assembled by the “traditionalist Catholic” members of the community, according to a new report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide-USA.”

That’s really the story. And, it got 1157 comments on WND. The two most highly-rated under Disqus’s system are remarkably coherent and sensible, such as even “gardeninggal1” stating, “The Catholic church has been persecuting others for centuries.”

But, the third-highest is a giant rant by “kingdad” who starts off with these two paragraphs, and then a giant quote from Wikipedia:

This story looks like just more Religious Rabble Rousing by Satan and his Cohorts.
Why it is running here is more of a fit topic for discussion.
Catholics/Christians have been persecuted since the days of Rome across the globe and it continues today in the vast majority of Islamic & Communist nations

A divided Christianity will be far less able to stand-up to Satan, the Anti-Christ during the End Times. Why Can’t we All Just Work Together to Oppose Satan and his vile, evil minions and those humans who serve him here? Below is a little excerpt of the Mexican History and the Roiling Caldron of Religious persecutions by all sides with link to neutral site: [Wikipedia link and then giant quote]

Well, there you have it. Even an attempt by WND to report some religious news gets a “shoot the messenger” from some top WND commenters, afraid that by just bringing up that some internal factions in one umbrella religion don’t exactly get along, you’re doing the work of evil.

Edited to Add (23 min later): Another example of this came just a few days later, on March 8, 2014, under the headline “Pastor Reportedly Buys Way onto NYT Bestseller List” from the Christian Science Monitor. Third-highest-rated comment was by “semperfipar” who wrote, “Another story to create discord.”


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