Astronomy & Non Sequiturs, Part 3: Asteroidal Mysticism

Posted: April 10, 2014 in science
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I have a few series going on here, so I thought I’d start numbering yet another one. WND occasionally publishes some basic astronomy news, and though it almost always gets a token ~half-dozen comments, they are almost always non sequiturs, meaning that they have nothing to do with the story itself.

Take, for example, WND’s news snippet from March 4, 2014: “Asteroid Whizzing Between Moon, Earth.” That headline is the story, and we are seeing these with increasing frequency because we can see fainter and fainter (and hence smaller and smaller) objects in space. The article has six comments. Of the five primary ones (not replies to other comments), only two have votes.

Top-rated is “bluesky” with 3 up: “Oh ye of little faith. God is not gonna let an asteroid hit the earth. The only thing to hit the earth is the antichrist, at the 6th trumph. That’s when the whole world is gonna be deceived.” At least their comment is sorta kinda related to the story.

“Arch”‘s comment, with 1 up vote, is not: “More evidence of 0bozo’s failed foreign policy.”

And, “FauxScienceSlayer” is just ignorant of science: “What mystery force sends that size rock at that speed….” Um, it’s called “orbit” and that force would be “gravity.”


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