I Really Want to See God “Not Liking Something”

Posted: April 10, 2014 in homosexuality, religion
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I’ve written before, a bit, about how Pope Francis is taking gay baby steps, and he continued with those in early March, much to the chagrin of many über-conservatives. WND reported, via CNN, on March 5, 2014: “Pope Francis: Church Could Support Civil Unions.”

As with the last blog post, in this one, the story really is in the headline and you don’t need much else, other than the context that he is talking about same-sex unions. Obviously, that was not going to sit well with the über-conservatives, as I mentioned.

Top-rated amongst the 343 comments (and several moderator-deleted comments) is from “BobTheConcerned” with 20 up-votes. Bob wrote: “Civil unions is just another way to say they are married. It’s sin, plain and simple. AND the Catholic Church is going to accept it. What will they do next? Hold civil union ceronmonies in Catholic Churches? Give me a break. God will not like this at all.”

This gets to a pet peeve of mine, and one that if satisfied would really shut many of us up and re-shape everything we know: God needs to put up or its followers need to shut up. I am sick and tired of these self-righteous Bible-toting “Christians” (who really follow nothing about what Jesus allegedly said about love and humility) saying that their invisible sky boogyman is going to wag his finger at at those of us who don’t do exactly what they think their 1500+ -year-old book says.

First off, seriously, if you’re an all-powerful all-knowing all-existing immortal being, why do you even care what people do for a few years, which literally is 0% of your infinite existence? That’s what you get mad about? You need a life. Maybe you should get a hobby and start collecting things.

Second, if somehow in some way this really does piss you off, do something about it. For one thing, unequivocally prove you exist, and you are what these people think you are. And I don’t mean prove it by making a statue that sits under a leaky pipe appear to cry, or show up as a vague face in a piece of grilled cheese. There are so many things that could convince me. Showing up, descending an invisible staircase onto my porch would do it. Snapping your supernatural fingers and making my water boil in an instant would also go a long way (though I might think you’re a time-accelerating alien on that one). Make the chicks I have in the garage instantly mature into egg-laying hens — that could also help.

But one of your followers saying that you’re not going to like something? Color me unimpressed.


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