Higher Double Standards

Posted: April 13, 2014 in homosexuality
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I hate being a member of a minority group. I’m a member of many minority groups — pretty much all of them except being a white male. Pick whichever you want: scientist, skeptic, atheist, homo … lots of minorities there. What pisses me off is that I’m subject to a much higher standard than the “other” groups.

Take my run-in with Mike Bara starting back in Summer 2012 with the lunar ziggurat — he said there was one on the Moon, I said there wasn’t. He spent 17 kwords on his blog defending himself, fully 25% of those insulting me. The entire foreword to his book last year was another attack on me, as was Chapter 8 of his previous book another attack. And yet, out of the 20k words I spent on my blog refuting his claims and explaining my position, Mike took the dozen or so where I did a bit of tongue-in-cheek sideways insult. Like calling Richard Hoagland either a liar that he spent a lot of time analyzing the image, or that he’s a bad image analyst. Mike Bara picked up on that and chose to bring it out rather than addressing any of the other 20k-12 words on the subject (word count approximate 😉 ).

My point deals with this story from March 22, 2014: “Lesbians in ‘Heinous Case’ of Child Abuse.” It’s a 4-paragraph snippet from FOX “news” about three children found starving in a house. But the story for WND is that these were children being parented by two lesbians. And that’s what made it into the comments — how homos make horrible parents, pedophilia, the women were training the children to become homo … etc.

Never mind the roughly 900,000 cases of child abuse in the US annually and that the vast vast vast majority are by heterosexuals. Does that matter to WND? Nope. They can make a story here about The Gay doing something bad, and so they post it.


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