Let ’em Argue Over This

Posted: April 13, 2014 in religion
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On March 23, 2014, WND posted a story via the Anchorage Daily News entitled, “Scholar: Get Back to Sabbath Observance.” The sub-title clarifies what the point is, without me needing to quote further: “The 24/7 mentality is ruining our inner health.”

Yah know what? Good. I am perfectly fine with WND and its commenters spending time worrying about this. The post garnered 208 comments so far (the last one posted 17 days ago, so I think they’re done). That’s one of the most that I’ve covered recently, including one I skipped that Honey Maid had a commercial that featured a same-sex couple (BTW, you should see their response to the outcry that came from that commercial, it’s great).

In fact, I would very much prefer that they spend their time debating this highly important issue. Better that than pretty much anything else they do, and it’s a good use of their emotional energies.


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