If Christian Nations Get Punished for Turning from God, Why Are Non-Christian Nations Thriving?

Posted: April 20, 2014 in religion, science
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I use the term “Christian Nation” here tongue-in-cheek because the US is not a Christian nation, it was not founded as such, and if conservative Christians want to live in a theocracy, they should move to Iran.

Anywho, the title of this blog post comes from a comment on WND’s March 29, 2014 article-copy from the Christian Science Monitor: “Is California Overdue for a Big Quake?”

Within the 8 comments, “DukeUSA” wrote this: “As long as God is ignored in this country, we can expect to see the number of disasters go up. Mudslides, earthquakes, plane crashes, tornadoes, hurricanes, crime, crime against children, crime against animals, –it is happening now just going to worse. Leviticus 26 tells what will happen unless this nation returns to the principles upon which it were founded – God’s principles.”

Okay, so the hypothesis is that the Christian god is being ignored in the US, therefore disasters will continue to increase. It stands to reason that, unless the US is super-duper special, if the Christian god is ignored in other countries, disasters will also continue to increase. Given that there are many countries in the world that are less religious than the US, or more religious but for the “wrong” religion (such as Islam, Hindu, or Buddhist), one should expect to see lots of natural disasters in those countries. And increasing.

But, natural-disasters-wise, I don’t think that’s the case. For example, while Iran is very Islamic, and it has seen economic and sanctions from those “of our world,” it has very few – if any – natural disasters. One could say much the same with many Islamic countries. Or, say, Buddhist countries, or Hindu countries.

So while these few very loud people may shake their tiny fists and claim deliverance and redemption (and punishment) by their invisible sky god, I don’t think it will affect Earth all that much. If at all.


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