Why Über-Conservatives Hate the Judiciary

Posted: May 15, 2014 in abortion, legal / law, politics
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Because they stick up for the little guys. The legislative branch is clearly dominated by the will of the majority. That’s how it works. The executive is dominated by, well, whatever. The role of the judiciary is, in part, to ensure that the laws that are created and as they are implemented are fair to everyone. Put another way, a primary role of the judiciary in America that has developed over the last several hundred years is to protect the minority from the majority. The balance in government is that the executive nominates judges, the legislative has to confirm them, and the legislative can impeach them. In some cases, judges are directly elected, but that’s at a state level; and they can be recalled.

The story this time (“Judge Overturns ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban”) is almost inconsequential. Rather this post is aimed at the majority of the commenters.

Take “Pi10107” for instance, who clearly does not understand the judicial role: “No judge, you are unconstitutional. We need to get rid of these federal judges. They overturn the will of the people and decide on what they personally want. The Constitution means nothing to them.”

Or “truthtalker” who thinks that the judicial system of the state should be that of his religion: “Another judge headed to Judgement Day before the Throne of God with the blood of innocent unborn murder victims dripping from his fingers.”

I’m not saying that liberals aren’t idiots when it comes to the judiciary. I personally think that the SCOTUS decision to allow legislative prayer is horribly flawed. But, you won’t see me advocating for impeachment or removal of the Justices.

  1. Dori says:

    the best explanation I’ve heard of why why conservatives act they way they do is made by George Lakoff in Don’t Think of an Elephant. Lakoff is a prof of cognitive sciences and linguistics at Berkeley.

  2. Dori says:

    PS – sorry about all the typos in previous comment. Still trying to figure out how to type on a tablet – argh!

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