It’s Very Hard to Take Away Government Benefits

Posted: May 16, 2014 in medicine, politics
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You would think that Republicans would have learned that with Social Security, a Democratic proposal during the height of the Great Depression that economists said would kill jobs because employers couldn’t afford the 2% and then 6% payroll tax to pay for it. Conservative Christians decried it as the Mark of the Beast.

These days, even reform of Social Security – let alone canceling it – is a political non-starter. Medicare and Medicaid are similar. And, I think, the Affordable Care Act (derisively called “ObamaCare”) will soon follow.

Like it or not, it is in effect almost in full at this point. That means that over 7 million people are getting benefits in some way from it. I think Republicans (the pragmatic ones) have recognized that, but WND doesn’t like it: “GOP Leader Throws in Towel on ObamaCare Repeal.”

There are only 151 WND comments at this time, and they did not like what “Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a stalwart opponent of the Affordable Care Act,” had to say.

The highest rated comment was from “jtrollla:” “Rodgers has now officially joined the Boehner-McConnell camp and must be one of those purged if the Republican Party is to redeem itself, rather than damn itself to oblivion.”

Second-highest “LynxNews” agreed: “We now know what side she is on…. the wrong one. And I’d guess she has been since the beginning. What a coward, and traitor.”

In 50 years — heck, probably in 10-20 — I would guess that most Republicans will be on the opposite side, pushing to keep it in the face of desired reform. It happened with Social Security, it’ll happen again.


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