UFOs Are … [Fill in the Blank]

Posted: May 16, 2014 in conspiracy
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I’ve posted on this blog before about image artifacts and pareidolia, such as, World Net Daily Is a Fan of Pareidolia” which reported on WND’s Joe Kovacs, the executive news editor of WND, writing about an image anomaly that some claimed looked like Jesus in a Google image.

Joe Kovacs is apparently a big fan of these kinds of image anomalies, and now we can add UFOs to the list: “Mystery Lights Spotted Over U.S. Heartland.” The entire article is a credulous reporting of what various people said they saw in the sky.

The reason why I’m talking about this is the comments:

  • rickc — “Holograms , NWO trick or Angels batteling in the heavens. I won’t lose any sleep over it GOD is in control and I belong to him. Jesus is my Lord and savior.”
  • Robert R. Lionshield — “t’s fallen angels that this people are seeing, they(angel) shape-shift into anything that we know and see on the earth. Do NOT BE FOOLED BY DEVIL.”
  • EMIRCITNA — “BOTTOM LINE; I don’t want to hear anything else about “UFO’s” ….until one actually lands and the occupants show themselves!!! ~ (most probably will be a George Soros-funded NWO gimmick!)”
  • gian2012 — “Everybody should know that it’s Bush’s revenge on all those who hate him. Ditto Sarah Palin who helped Bush launch thousands of captured fireflies into the atmosphere. Or it’s a new campaign by Michael Bloomberg so he can blame the NRA for all the tracers being shot into the air. Other than that it’s an atmospheric phenomenon launched by Almighty God against a godless America as a warning to clean up the corruption in this country with it’s Constitution inspired by Divine Providence or dire consequences await. There will be more heavenly signs as time goes by, just wait and see. I’m no crackpot and believe there’s forces out there far more powerful than Obama,Dirty Harry,and Nanny Pelosi, who mock God by laughing at the Constitution of this beautiful country now blighted by the folly of corrupt men and women who are drunk with power for personal gain. Don’t forget, Jesus said, “What profit a man (or woman) should they gain the world but lose their own soul”? Greed is one of the seven deadly sins and boy are we seeing that in the president,the congress,and especially Dirty Harry senator extraordinaire from Nevada trying to throw a guy off his ranch for personal monetary gain. The Almighty has a special room waiting in hell for all because He doesn’t like to be mocked . Go ahead non believers, liberal trolls , throw your potshots at me whereby I’ll survive and you will not. “
  • katch52 — “Think how easy it would be for a government regime to stage these things and use the media to put a scare into the whole country that we’re being invaded by aliens. They’d instruct us all to go to the nearest FEMA camp for shelter and for those who didn’t have the transportation or who just didn’t want to go, they’d make sure we got there. Don’t fall for it!”
  • makeminefreedom — “It’s called PSYOPS or psychological operations. It goes something like this, “I saw a light in the sky. I’m scared. I guess I should give up my rights so the government will protect me.””

I’m not sure much needs to be said at this point. Exposing how these people think is enough.


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