I’m With You Until You Do Something I Don’t Like

Posted: June 13, 2014 in climate change, religion
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Ah, another return from hiatus. This episode, we return to ChristianLove™ wherein we have the story, “Megapastor Launches Multi-Faith Effort on Climate Change.”

Wow. Religion attempting to do something constructive! Not only recognize the state of scientific evidence on something, but actually not be head-strong asses, in that they’re reaching out to someone who may believe something very slightly different from them!

But, does Pastor Joel Hunter get accolades? Praise from his fellow Christians in his attempt to bring together Muslium, Jewish, Catholics, and Protestants?

Of course not, this is World Net Daily. The top-rated comment (23 up-votes) is by “Cadasilva” who wrote, “Another apostate “pastor“ being used by the enemy of souls.”

“gardeninggal1” (15 up-votes) wrote: “If he had any credibility as a pastor and I assume he did then I would consider his credibility gone. He is opening the door for a blending of faiths and he knows better. Looks like this pastor is on the dark side and a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

And rounding out the top three with 14 up-votes, “Snod” wrote: “More proof that many of our churches are working for the other side! Wake up and listen to what that person behind the pulpit is saying. If they are wrong it is your duty to call them on it!”

This episode was brought to you by ChristianLove™, ChristianCompassion™, and ChristianTolerance™.


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