Many of the Religious Just Don’t “Get” Atheism

Posted: June 13, 2014 in religion
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In a link from RNS, WND posted “Atheist TV Channel Dedicated to Godlessness” on May 9.

Personally, I think it’s a bit silly, but we’ll have to see what the programming actually is. I didn’t think the gay networks would do well, but with the profound success of Here! TV’s television and movie programming, well, maybe atheist programming will find itself. Religious programming sure did, though it seems like much of it was aimed at getting money from the viewers.

Meanwhile, per the subject heading of this post, WND commenters (the religious) just don’t “get” what an atheist is. From my built-in Apple® dictionary, atheism is “disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.” And therefore, as we atheists like to point out, every Christian is an atheist … for every deity but their own. Atheists just add one to the tally.

But for some inconceivable reason (I jest, slightly), the religious seem to think along the lines of “Tim” in that “Atheism is Satanic.” Apple’s dictionary says “Satanic” means, “of or characteristic of Satan.” Hmm. So, Satan doesn’t believe in the existence of God or gods? I would think, if you follow the Christian mythology, that Satan actually knows that God exists, therefore has to believe that it exists. So surely that can’t be the case!

No, dear reader, it seems that a disbelief, to Christians, means a belief that’s against them. We can’t possibly not be for or against we have to be one or the other. Welcome to the False Dichotomy: The idea there are only two options, there is nothing else. Therefore, not with = against = Satan.


As a bonus, “SATCitizen” epitomizes another nonsensical claim of the religious:

Oh brother. . .if they don’t believe in God then why are they worried about Godlessness. It seems like foolishness for them to be so upset about something they say does not exist. But I do thank them for proving there is a God. . .because otherwise why are they so vocal. If atheists don’t like God being pushed on them, they need to remember, there are those who don’t care for their unbelief pushed on others.

Bolding is mine. And oye. So, Christians are allowed to push their belief on me regardless, but as soon as anyone decides to promote their disbelief in any way, it’s oppression?

Now you may know why I took a hiatus from blogging.


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