God Lets Millions Die while Saving One Church from a Big Rock

Posted: June 14, 2014 in religion
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I don’t think anyone’s ever accused me of not bing cynical. For this ‘un, my cynicism is on high alert: “Rocked! Did God Intervene to Stop Disaster?” The article was posted on May 12 and written by WND’s Joe Kovacs. To quote the article:

A New England pastor says divine intervention saved his church building from being crushed by a massive, rolling boulder unearthed by nearby construction blasting.

“If it rolled another 12 inches, it would have gone right through the building,” said Rick LeClair, pastor at Grace Ministries Church in Saugus, Massachusetts. “This boulder was probably 20 tons.”

“We were standing across the street saying, ‘Uh-oh. There it goes,’” LeClair said. “I was thinking the church was going to get wrecked, but I had this peace about me where it really wasn’t going to get wrecked. And it didn’t.”

LeClair told the station he had a feeling God became directly involved in preventing the stone from rolling any further.

“The Lord just kinda said, ‘That’s enough,’” he said.

I really don’t like these kinds of stories, and I said as much in my “God Saved 15 People at McDonalds, Ignored Thousands Others Currently Dying in Agony” post from Last September.

Wanna know why your god works in mysterious ways? It’s because it’s not predictable, not repeatable, and you rarely get what you ask for so you have to spin it into a win-win scenario.

Meanwhile, why doesn’t WND offer a more “fair and balanced” viewpoint, writing about the millions upon millions of times that people have prayed to their god and nothing happened. That rocks rolled over people or buildings, things fell into sinkholes, and — oh yeah — millions of people killed in genocides for various reasons.

Nah … “prometheus2” put it this way: “The way that rock was moving, and the energy potential of its mass makes it even more stunning that it was stopped dead in its tracks; praise God for this awesome display of his might and compassion.”

Or, just “vernr” who wrote, “We serve an AWESOME God.”

No, you “serve” a figment of peoples’ imaginations that’s petty, cruel, and capricious.


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