The Girl Scouts Just Exist to Teach Girls to Be Lesbians, But There’s an Alternative!

Posted: June 15, 2014 in religion, sexism
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I felt kinda sick writing that headline, but, that’s the theme of the WND “EXCLUSIVE” (via an unattributed author) from May 20, 2014: “Huge Endorsement for American Heritage Girls.”


For those fortunate not to know:

The American Heritage Girls scouting organization has scored a key breakthrough in the culture wars by signing a partnership agreement with one of the nation’s largest Protestant denominations.

The group, billed as a Christ-centered scouting experience for girls, has signed an agreement with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The partnership was several years in the making, said Pattie Garibay, founder and executive director of AHG, which began in 1995 as an alternative to Girl Scouts.

Basically, the religious didn’t like the “liberal” Girl Scouts, teaching girls how to be independent, not subservient to men, self-empowered, and skills on how to get ahead in the world. Oh, and of course, teaching them to be lesbians and get abortions. (insert eye rolls)

So, American Heritage Girls was created. Because Jesus.

The subject line comes from “makeminefreedom” which has the highest-rated comment on the story with 29 up-votes: “Great organization. Girls need to learn how to be mothers instead of liberal lesbians.”

Yup … girls, remember: Your role is to be a mother (which you get to be by being a baby factory). That’s it.


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