Don’t Ban My Sex Toys! (Lawsuit in Georgia)

Posted: June 17, 2014 in legal / law
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Obviously, this blog is not rated “G:” “Woman Sues City Over Sex-Toy Ban.”

The libertarian in me (well, I think the normal human being in me), is wondering how this ever became a law in the first place. Well, ordinance. In Sandy Springs, Georgia, where you have to have a prescription, medical, or scientific reason to buy a “sexual device.” (And for the record, it is illegal in the entire state of Alabama — has been since 1998, and somehow the courts have upheld it.)

Anyway, I’m posting this one more out of humor and the sad fact that this stuff still is on the books. And there are people defending the ban. In the United States, as opposed to Iran or Saudi Arabia.

What also surprises me is that the libertarian streak among the 59 WND commenters has come out, for they also support the woman in her lawsuit. “** Defiant Soul **” perhaps put it best: “Lady…. what the government (big or small) is really saying is it wants to be the one that screws you.”


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