Rules Apply to Everyone but Christians, Part 6: National Organization for Marriage Ruled Against Again in Maine

Posted: June 18, 2014 in homosexuality, legal / law, politics
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This was a story I’ve been following on and off since it started several years ago: In Maine, there is a law that requires any group that raises more than $5,000 for a ballot measure must reveal their donors. The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) raised over $2,000,000 for a 2009 ballot measure against marriage equality. Therefore, they have to reveal their donors.

Not so fast! NOM said they don’t. And because NOM is Christian, rules that apply to other people don’t have to apply to them. Duh.

Well, the latest development is that the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices “unanimously adopted a staff recommendation to impose a record fine on the National Organization for Marriage and compel the antigay group to reveal the names of donors to its 2009 campaign to repeal the state’s marriage equality law.” The fine is $50,250. Trivial so far as NOM’s finances go. But, the big part is that, yet again, they have been ruled against and told they must – gosh! – comply with the law that applies to everyone else.

NOM has refused to pay it and is now filing ethics complaints against everyone else they can for exactly what they’ve been found guilty of. I think it’s going to be awhile before we see that donor list. And I hope that someone is jailed if they destroy that list, for they have to know in their heart of hearts (unless they really are as stupid as many of us think they are) that they are not going to be successful in keeping it secret.

But, they really really want to. Why? Because they are (in my non-binding non-legal, but personal opinion) effectively laundering money. The big deal is that NOM was organized in part so that they could tell donors that they could be anonymous. That they could give NOM money, and NOM would spend it in various places, and they would be anonymous in their bigotry. Therefore, if their donor lists were ever made public, their funds are going to dry up because bigots are going to be named.

Oh yeah, and WND posted on this … well, posted a two-paragraph snippet from Christian Post about it: “Maine Fines Pro-Traditional-Marriage Group $50,000.” Obviously, WND commenters are not happy. And apparently, this is all the liberals’ fault!

“oathkpr” is top-rated with 17 up-votes: “That’s what you can expect when you elect liberal-progressives to run your state!”

Or, “The_northwesterner” with 8 up-votes: “I hope that NOM not only doesn’t pay the fine, but refuses to give the corrupt commission its donors’ list and simply tells the commission to go take a flying leap.”

But, don’t forget, we’re hiding these lists for Jesus! (“ngorgh” –) “I wouldn’t pay the fine and would have by now destroyed all the names. As I said yesterday…..Is it time in America to start throwing Christians to the Lions yet? Start Jailing Christians and watch how bad GOD’S wraith will be!”


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