United States Thrusts (Repeatedly, Rapidly) its Gay Agenda Upon the World (Oh Noes!)

Posted: June 21, 2014 in homosexuality, politics
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One of the things I remember when I took AP American History back in 11th grade was American isolationism from the ’20s contrasted with American “we’re-the-world’s-police” post-WWII (yes, I know it’s more complicated, but this is a simple concept that’s mostly right for a simple blog that’s highly opinionated). That mentality, that the US needs to have its fingers in everbodys’ business has continued through the present day, seen in pretty much every aspect of foreign policy; a simple example is that the US has the largest percentage of its military deployed anywhere but home compared with other countries.

One of the many battles waging, politically, in the US is whether we should return to the isolationism of almost a century ago, or continue to meddle. Or, some non-false-dichotomy mix. Some argue for the former, some the latter, and usually the argument deals with military intervention (e.g., Syria, or right now, Iraq again).

One area that fewer people pay attention to is things like foreign policy on humanitarian issues. Should the US respond when something doesn’t affect it but the people of another country, like Uganda’s “Jail the Gays” bill? Should we “export” America’s sense of justice?

And now, WND raises that question, in a full article, with an unattributed author, from June 15: “U.S. Thrusts ‘Gay’ Agenda Upon World.” It can sorta be summarized by the first three paragraphs:

Barack Obama has integrated promotions of homosexuality and other alternative lifestyle choices into his policy and practice since his election, successfully promoting the “gay” lifestyle in the U.S. military and forbidding the enforcement of the federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act that supported traditional marriage.

The extent of the reach of his actions perhaps was epitomized by last week’s announcement that the U.S. Embassy in Israel was flying a rainbow flag – representing homosexual activism – along with Old Glory.

But now a coalition in Congress, made up exclusively of Democrats, wants to take the effort further and make promoting LGBT “human rights” a “priority for the U.S. government worldwide.”

The Senator behind part of this push, Ed Markey (D-Mass.), reminded people “In seven countries, homosexuality is punishable by death.”

Right Wing Watch has an article on this, too, based on another WND article. The WND comments (highest-rated, anyway), are truly despicable, and the fact that the story has over 1000 is even worse. But, that’s WND.

  1. Flip says:

    Typical America-centrism – if we were going by exporting ideas to the world, then surely America is a follower, not a leader. Denmark was the first country to allow same-sex marriages about 15 years ago, followed by other European countries. USA is playing catch up and importing ideals not the other way around.

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