In Old News, Conservatives Re-Write History

Posted: June 26, 2014 in history, homosexuality, politics, religion
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I’m not even sure why this deserves mention, but I thought I should at least have one post related to the National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM’s) hate-march that “drew tens of thousands” (closer to a few hundred) people last week to Washington to protest The Gay in their “March for Marriage.” This one was written by WND’s Alana Cook, who “blogs on women’s issues, faith, politics and policy:” “Huckabee Eviscerates Judges Who Defy God.”

Of course, this presupposes a god or God exists, that it inspired or wrote the Bible, and that modern interpretations are correct of that Word.

I think given the intro, you can figure out what Huckabee’s point was, and it’s the standard canard of Christians wanting to impose theocratic rule on America (while of course opposing all the countries where theocracies actually exist … ’cause, you know, it’s the wrong god). Since I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s a small snippet:

“It’s time we start saying, ‘Courts, you cannot prescribe such an order.’”

“This country would not exist if it had not been for the providential hand of God,” he warned. “If we reject His hand of blessing, we will feel His hand of judgment.”

Preachers have been preaching this for decades, if not centuries. I’ve yet to see an obvious smiting.

And besides the pseudo history of America being a Christian nation, and Huckabee not understanding how the three branches of government work (which is unfortunate, given that he was a serious (supposedly) candidate for President back in 2008), the commenters on WND also seem to forget/ignore/change history, as well.

Take, for example, “AR154U” (gee, I wonder where that name comes from), who wrote the top-rated comment on the story: “Poll after poll states MOST Americans approve of Gay marriage,.. but once it’s put on a ballot and up for vote. Gay marriage loses EVERY TIME !!! They can’t spin voters, so gay friendly judges overturn the will of the people !!”

“Mary Waterton” has the highest-rated response: “That’s very true. Liberal activist news journalists are bigger liars than politicians.”

It’s only “AJ” with 1/3 as many up-votes who reminded them: “Except that gay marriage has won the vote the last 4 times it was put up for a vote. #historylesson”

“Elka” responded to that: “By the way, so when the vote go your way, it is ok; When the votes dont go what you want, you deny it, intimidate, brainwash, make propaganda for kids and young in general, till it got your way, That is not democracy It is dictatorship. Let people FREE choose, without fire people form work, without controlled media and hollywood telling what to do everyday. THEM you find the true. AND with all of that you are loosing, history teaches us that you will put people on jail and concentration camps to get your way. Left winger way.”

And “MaryNOLA” responded to that: “No. Your way is a dictatorship. You are free to do whatever you wish as long as it’s legal. You are NOT free to tell me how to live my life. You are NOT free to enslave others. And you are NOT free to tell ANYONE who they can marry. Your opinion does NOT count in anyone else’s life.”

The next two commenters simply quote from the Bible, a frequent occurrence in the WND comment section. In response ego “NAVSOG”‘s quoting, “the grownupchurch” responded: “The Word of God, forever settled in Heaven – the ultimate authority by the ultimate Judge.”

A fitting way to end this post.


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