Same-Sex Marriage Continues March to Equality, WND Whines Some More

Posted: June 28, 2014 in homosexuality, politics
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This past week, there were two more rulings on the side of marriage equality: Within about half hour of each other, a US District Judge Richard Young in Indiana ruled the state’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional (and did not stay his ruling), and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Utah’s ban on marriage equality as being unconstitutional.

WND had about two stories on it, and surprisingly, none specific to the Utah ruling. The first was a three-paragraph snippet from the Indianapolis Star (“Judge: Indiana ‘Gay’-Marriage Ban Unconstitutional”), and the second was an actual story published on June 27, written by Greg Corombos: “Same-Sex Marriage Headed Back to Supreme Court.”

In the former story’s comments, which right now number 208, it appears as though it has been hijacked by WND’s non-standard fare, with several of the top-rated comments being pro-marriage-equality. It’s only when you scroll through probably the first half do we get things like this, from “Demmi Greene”: “A banner day for wickedness lndeed, but God”s kingdom ‘will win out’ in the end. We have his oath.”

Greg’s story takes a bunch of quotes from Matt Barber, who posts on WND frequently, and whose latest stories that I’ve talked about include how porn is satanic and that being liberal violates all of the Commandments (you know … THE Commandments).

Granted, Greg’s article came out less than a day ago, but it only has 86 comments. Not horrible, but not great for a WND hot-button issue. While most of them are vile and repugnant, I wonder if WND commenters are starting to get weary of loss after loss.


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