For the Second Time Last Week, FOX “News” Anchor Questions a Conservative

Posted: June 29, 2014 in politics
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It seems as though some of the anchors on FOX “news” are growing some balls — or, vaginas, as the Sheng Wang quote goes that has been wrongly attributed to Betty White. Earlier it was Megyn Kelly, telling Dick Cheney that no one had been more wrong on Iraq than he. And now, Neil Cavuto “blasted Republicans for a lawsuit announced Wednesday by House Speaker John Boehner that alleges President Obama is acting outside of the law with his executive orders. At one point he cut off Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., mid-sentence to go to a commercial break.” It was reported quite a lot on the blogs I read, but WND’s own anti-homo-in-chief, Bob Unruh, wrote about it for WND: “Cavuto Cuts Off Bachmann on Executive Orders.” It may have originally been entitled, “Fox Star Cuts Off Bachmann on Sizzling Topic,” based on the URL.

Many report it as being a shouting match between Cavuto and Bachmann. Cavuto took the point that the lawsuit Boehner filed against President Obama this week was just for show, that nothing would come of it, and that President Bush made much heavier use of Executive Orders to push through his agendas (agendœ?). Bachmann, a Tea Partier to her core, claimed otherwise. Here’s the conversation that WND quoted:

Bachmann had agreed to come on the program to answer questions about the lawsuit, which she said she had sought a long time ago.

She argued the Constitution “is a stop sign for the president, as it is for the Congress, as it is for the Supreme Court.”

But Cavuto was having none of it, talking over the congresswoman.

“We spend too much time. … We need to fix whatever is wrong,” he said. “Seems to me there’s so much wrong here, [with Congress saying], ‘We’re going to drag your a– to court.’”

“Criminy,” said Bachmann. “Give me a second and I will tell you.

“I don’t know why John Boehner’s filing this now. I called for this going back to the State of the Union. Why he’s doing it now, I don’t know,” she said.

Cavuto continued pushing hard for instant responses.

“Where was your rage when Democrats were going after President Bush [over] executive orders?” he demanded. “This is a waste of time.”

“Rome’s burning, and you’re filing [lawsuits],” he said.

After the interview, he apologized to his audience for getting “a little heated.”

“Looks like I just cut off the congresswoman,” he said.

But he said he wouldn’t apologize for his “sentiment” or his assertion that “we are wasting time filing lawsuits past one another.”

As with the Megyn Kelly – Dick Cheney incident, the WND commenters are pretty much fully on the side of the conservative politician. And there are 1330 comments as I’m writing this, the story having been posted on June 25.


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