Obama Is the Worst President Since WWII … Except, So’s Bush, Clinton, Nixon, Carter, …

Posted: July 2, 2014 in politics
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The American electorate has a very short-term memory. It’s unfortunate that they tend to forget things in politics for the latest— OMG something shiny just went by!!!!

Okay, where was I? Ah, that’s right. Several news sites yesterday had headlines along the line of what WND posted from Washington Times today, “Poll: Obama Worst President Since WW II.”

And taken at its face, without any context or looking at any other polls or the history of said poll, this is true. But putting it in context – unlike the myriad of WND commenters – takes more work, but it is rewarding because it shows that most people think this about the sitting president.

Fortunately, the Washington Post‘s Philip Bump did that extra work so we don’t have to. The article has a lot more to it than I’m going to put in here, but really, this table tells it all (reproduced from the article):

July 2006 July 2014
  1. George W. Bush (34 percent)
  2. Richard Nixon (17 percent)
  3. Bill Clinton (16 percent)
  4. Jimmy Carter (13 percent)
  1. Barack Obama (33 percent)
  2. George W. Bush (28 percent)
  3. Richard Nixon (13 percent)
  4. Jimmy Carter (8 percent)


That’s right: This time back in GW Bush’s presidency, a statistically same number of respondents thought he was the worst president in history (and I would’ve been one of them). 16% said Clinton. I would expect that this time in the next president’s term, ~15-20% will say Obama, and this time in the next-next president’s term, he will be off the top four.


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