WND Still Doesn’t Understand Atheists

Posted: July 21, 2014 in religion
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I find fascinating when people who don’t belong to some group seem to think they know exactly what the group is, much better than those within the group. True, sometimes this is a valid situation, such as scientology, where it is well documented what the “end game” of information is with that belief system, which is hidden from the people who just start out. But in open groups, it’s hubris.

But, I don’t think that anyone’s ever accused WND of not having hubris. In this case, we have a poll, “Oh, My Godless,” where the question is, “Do atheists exist?”

The poll’s only been up for a day, and it only have a bit over 100 votes, but over 1/3 don’t know what an atheist is. The most popular choices at the moment are simply Biblical things, that either atheists exist but the Bible calls them “fools,” or that atheists don’t exist because “we are mad win the image of God to know God” (which is a massive non sequitur).

But the third-most-popular response is, “No, people who fight against something they say does not exist are either crazy or they’re suppressing what they know to be true,” and the fourth is “”Atheist” can mean “no God” or “against God” – there’s no doubt the latter exists.” Ummmm… no.

“Atheist” does not mean “no God” nor “against God.” That would be “adeist” or “antideist.” “Atheist” means not (or without) theology / religion. The Christians here are so self-centered that they think it’s about them; rather, atheists are simply non-theistic about all religions.

With that in mind, that third option – which currently runs at 21% of the votes – is non-sensicle (that’s, “doesn’t make sense,” not “anti-sense”).

As for “suppressing what they know to be true,” well, I’ll just hijack this point and direct you over to Gay Homophobe, a website that tracks how many days it’s been since a virulently anti-gay person was revealed to be gay.

  1. It’s not a hard concept but so many people have difficulty understanding it.

    • Stuart Robbins says:

      I see the “how can you be against something you don’t believe in therefore you believe in it” argument SO many times on WND, it’s been getting on my nerves lately.

  2. Technically, atheist comes from the greek átheos, so it actually IS “without god” and not “without religion”. Deus ist latin for “god”, so you are mixing two languages here.

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