August Israeli War: Was the Brief Travel Ban Political?

Posted: October 23, 2014 in conspiracy, politics
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Back in July, there was a “little” thing of another Israeli war. I had a tiny personal stake in the issue because my brother was just finishing up a trip to Israel when the rockets started to fire.

Just a few days before, Malaysia Airlines flight 17 (MH 17) had been shot down over eastern Ukraine, likely by rebels using Russian surface-to-air missiles.

What’s the relevance? Well, Israel is a small, narrow country. Much smaller than the war zone in eastern Ukraine. And, for a few days near the start of the fighting, the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shut down all US flights to Israel.

Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately, you’re kinda damned if you do and damned if you don’t. If there had been no cancellation of flights, and something had happened (since both sides have missiles that can hit commercial airlines), Republicans would have complained that Obama doesn’t care about security and this is just like what happened over Ukraine, why oh why didn’t you learn from it?!

But, since the FAA did shut down flights, now it’s a conspiracy theory. WND had several articles about this, spear-headed by fake-news-in-chief, and senior WND news editor, Aaron Klein (and if you think that moniker is undeserved, see pretty much any post on this site about Aaron Klein. Specifically for this topic:

The first article starts out in typical Klein fashion, not citing any actual source, just rumors: “Officials in Jerusalem are quietly wondering whether the Federal Aviation Administration’s prohibition on U.S. flights to Tel Aviv is partially a tactic to pressure Israel into a cease-fire. … Behind the scenes, several Jerusalem diplomats who spoke on condition of anonymity questioned whether the FAA flight-ban was in part a tactic to press Israel into a truce with Hamas. A cease-fire would tentatively stop Hamas’ rocketing of the Jewish state. … Earlier Tuesday, after the decision by Delta and United to cancel flights and before the FAA ban was announced, the White House issued a statement saying the airlines were not acting on orders from the U.S. government.”

There were 513 comments that are about what you’d expect with WND. But that is a lot of comments. All of the highly voted ones are defending Israel and/or attacking President Obama.

On the second story, with only 16 comments, the sane people had a chance to come out. Top-rated comment is by “PBO_Go” who wrote, “Sorry, Ted, stopping flights for a day was an appropriate action and one of the few this admin has done in the last six years.”

The third story only got 2 comments.


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