Many moons ago, I said that I wasn’t going to write anymore about this ridiculous idiocy that is the “blood moon” phenomenon that is alleged by idiots to portend the end of all days because it means bad shiz-nit is going to go down for Israel.

For some reason, I still flagged 10 WND posts about it in the past three months for talkingz-abouts when I resumed blogging.

The stories range from talking about the latest lunar eclipse blood moon being a supermoon (meaning the eclipse happens when the moon happens to be close to Earth because it’s on an elliptical orbit), to WND crowing about the moon stuff “Rock TV Audience,” to trying to tie any and every bad thing that’s happened since the last lunar eclipse in April to the eclipse, to saying that the US Naval Observatory is getting pretty pissed about the blood moon nonsense.

This last one starts off with:

Geoff Chester of the U.S. Naval Observatory says he’d be just as happy if the terms “supermoon” and “Blood Moon” would go away.

This year’s second supermoon is looming this weekend.

“There’s a part of me that wishes that this ‘Supermoon’ moniker would just dry up and blow away, like the ‘Blood Moon’ that accompanied the most recent lunar eclipse, because it tends to promulgate a lot of misinformation,” Chester said in a Science NASA report.

I agree. And then the WND article goes in to fear-mongering.

Why is WND all about this stupidity? Because they’re selling it. Literally. Mark Biltz was the first guy to make this big – I think he actually originated the phenomenon about 7 years ago – and WND publishes his book about it. WND also sells another book about it by their columnist John Hagee.

So, promoting idiocy to sell stuff. That’s WND for you.


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