What’s Good for the Ganders Is Good for the Gander and Geese?

Posted: November 10, 2014 in homosexuality, legal / law
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Anti-marriage equality advocates have for many years claimed that marriage equality between heterosexual and homosexual couples would be a slippery slope to other forms of marriage that they don’t want, like polygamy, incest, necrophilia, beastiality, and pedophilia.

Advocates of marriage equality have indicated that, other than polygamy, there is a significant difference: Consent. Children below the age of majority (which in many states for marriage purposes is 16) cannot sign a legal document. Therefore, pedophilia being legalized is out. Animals cannot sign a legal document, therefore beastiality is out. A dead person cannot sign a legal document, either.

As for incest, well, there’s a scientific reason why incest shouldn’t be allowed, and that’s because the offspring has a marked increase in the likelihood of being born with recessive, genetic defects. Though I’m seriously not sure why Christians have an issue with incest, considering that Adam and Eve’s children were all incestuous. As was Noah’s children (perhaps he was the originator of the phrase, “go fuck your sister” so that the human race could continue).

But then there’s polygamy. Is there a good reason to outlaw it? (By “good,” I’m excluding religious arguments.) I think that many would argue not. I think it would make things a bit more difficult legally than same-sex marriages, for enshrined more in the legal system than “man and wife” is that marriage is just between two people. But legal paperwork aside, I can’t really think of a good reason. (And inherent to this is that the people entering into the relationship are free from coercion and doing this of their own free will, which I recognize is often NOT the case with polygamous religious sects — it’s a way to both control the women and reward the men loyal to you. I’m not talking about those sects here.)

I think that scares über-conservatives. Though again, I’m not sure why, for the Bible is full of people who were polygamous, including the alleged smartest man to have ever lived, King Soloman, who is reported to have had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

But, über-conservatives’ nightmare came to fruition in late August, when US District Court (federal) Judge Clark Waddoups declared that parts of Utah’s ban on polygamy (which was required by the US Congress for Utah to become a state, I think) was unconstitutional. This effectively decriminalized polygamy in Utah.

WND published three posts on the subject, only one being written by one of its columnists / staff, Les Kinsolving: “Sodomy Lobby Still Silent on Polygamy.” Warms the cockles of your heart with a title like that, doesn’t it?

Between them, there are only about 130 comments, but the majority of the highly rated ones are what you’d expect: WND commenters saying that this is all the fault of Big Gay and that next up is incest and pedophilia.


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