Seventh Benghazi Investigation, by Republicans, Still Flawed According to WND

Posted: January 2, 2015 in conspiracy
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I’ve only really done two WND Watch posts on Benghazi, mostly because it’s a ridiculous conspiracy that had six official congressional investigations to try to blame President Obama or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of some sort of wrong-doing. At the end of November, after wasting hundreds if not thousands of hours and untold thousands of dollars in a seventh investigation, the GOP-led House Intelligence Committee released their report.

And … nada. To quote Right Wing Watch, it “cleared the Obama administration of wrongdoing, and follows a report from the GOP-controlled House Armed Services Committee, which also debunked many right-wing Benghazi myths.”

Not to be outdone by other conservative sources, WND’s Aaron Klein (who has a habit of reporting rumors and fake stories as FACT), posted “5 ‘Significant Problems’ with GOP’s New Benghazi Report.”

His first is that the US facility was wrongly labeled, second is confusion about Ambassador Stevens’ travel, reasons 3-4 are Klein’s typical innuendo/speculation/rumors, and reason 5 was that no air support was available. None of these give any sort of smoking gun to implicate President Obama or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of some sort of wrong-doing. If anything, they show a general incompetence among institutions, and Congress itself must take some blame for that since the State Department repeatedly asked for more funds for security of embassies overseas, but Congress refused.

Try telling that to the 132 commenters, though, or to the people who are promising an eighth Congressional investigation, and you’ll likely get banned.


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