John Boehner Wins House Speakership Re-Election, WND Can’t Believe It

Posted: January 6, 2015 in politics
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I was anticipating this day, though because I didn’t know when the House re-elects its speakers, I wasn’t sure when it would come. Basically, for the last week or two, World Net Daily has published innumerable (well, over a dozen, I just choose not to enumerate and link to them) articles explaining why there is absolutely positively NO WAY that John Boehner would win re-election for Speaker of the House.

Why? Because he is soft on immigration, won’t defund “Obamacare,” won’t spank Obama over Cuba, and various other things. He’s a RINO (Republican in Name Only), after all. And there were two über-right-wing loonies running against him.

Today, he did, by a landslide. All but 25 Republicans voted for him. 216 of the 408 votes cast. The only possible spin that the outlets are putting on this is that he didn’t win a majority of the House — which is true, for there are 435 House seats, but it’s the number of votes that count, not number of possible votes.

Garth Kant got the probably unenviable task of writing the story: “House GOP Finally Decides Boehner’s Fate.”

And, I take back what I wrote two paragraphs ago, for Garth found another way to spin this: “But the drive to oust the speaker gained well more support than the 12-to-20 opposition votes most political observers expected. It was nearly an historic effort: The election for House Speaker hasn’t been forced to a second ballot since 1923.”

The reason why I smirked with glee when I saw this story (Despite my dislike of Boehner), was that, as I said, WND has written well over a dozen articles in the last few days to “Dumb Boehner.” In fact, it’s WND’s founder and CEO, Joseph Farah, who either initiated or trumpeted a letter-writing campaign to Capital Hill to dump Boehner, and they were bragging just yesterday that over 560,000 letters had been written. So, that’s 550,000 by Farah, and another 10k by some other people.

Garth’s article is long. I skimmed it. It is spent whining. And listing those Loyal to the Cause, including gathering quotes from those who voted against John Boehner — though most of these were from public statements rather than those congressfolks actually responding to requests for comment from WND.

As of this writing, which is only 8 hours after the article was posted, 910 comments have been left on the WND article. I think I’ll end with a lovely, perfectly sane and sensible rant by “sthurmon” who left the second-highest rated comment:

Oh….what? You actually thought you controlled anything? Think again. We have no say in the matter. If we did, Obama would have been in jail already for the fraud, the war crimes, the violations of The Constitution. The Globalist Mafia/Central Banker/Eugenicists will, until YOU stop them, do what they want. They decide which stooge fronts for them, they decide your health or should I say the lack of it by Fluoride in the water, G.M.O. in the food, Thimerisol (metabolizes into Mercury in your body) in the vaccines, and the withholding of medical care that COULD have extended your life while the likes of Kissinger, Bushes, Cheney, Clintons, Obamas, et. al. get the life extending technologies denied to you. It’s In Your Face now ….they really don’t care what you think anymore….do they?

Edited to Add (January 20, 2015): WND is still at it, despite failing and no chance of a recount unless something HUGE happens. Tonight, they posted, “Replace-Boehner letter campaign surges past 570,000.”


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