Guess What? American Christians Are Not Persecuted (New Study!)

Posted: January 10, 2015 in religion
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Christian Persecution Around the World in 2015

Christian Persecution Around the World in 2015

I first saw this on The Friendly Atheist blog: U.S. Strangely Missing from Map of “Top 50 Countries Where Christians Face the Greatest Persecution.” I saw it and knew that I would be doing a post here about it, either because WND would try to spin it or they wouldn’t post about it – they’d just ignore it – and so it would be worth talking about.

The idea is that in some parts of the world, Christians really are persecuted. As in, killed for their beliefs. Not just generically offended by people who are pissed off at their special privileges, like in America, but genuinely persecuted with death or torture or prison or various other things. Top on the list are North Korea, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Besides making fun of the Christian Persecution complex among US über-conservatives, something that I’ve tried to point out in at least some of those posts is that every time an American cries “Persecution!” for being told “Happy Holidays” or when Satanists want to be able to distribute their literature right alongside the Christians in public venues, it minimizes the horrible persecution genuinely faced by Christians and others worldwide.

WND did do a post on this, on January 7, written by Greg Corombos: “Top 50 List of Christian Persecutors.” The subtitle is “Islam spawns biggest spike in violence against believers on record.” Notice that it doesn’t say anything about American Christians being relatively free of persecution.

And, no where in the article does it emphasize that Christians are not persecuted in first-world countries (no first-world country is on the list, despite the article being released just after Islamic extremists killed 12 people in France). Instead, Greg chose to emphasize quotes about Islamic extremism in the world, rather than the relative safety and debunk the myths of American Christians:

“I really feel like the world just doesn’t get it,” Curry said. “They don’t understand that the persecution of Christians is a major story, is a major issue. It’s growing, and it’s a lead indicator of where oppression is coming for everyone else. Everywhere you look where there’s a major outbreak in the world today, first it was Christians. That’s what happened in Iraq. For 10 years, they pushed Christians out (even before the rise of the Islamic State).”

He added, “Mark my words: If the world doesn’t wake up to this, it’s going to come their direction.”

The surprising few (only 30) comments, however, did not disappoint (for WND). They are all about Christian persecution in America, or at least warning about it.

Take top-rated “sandy8301” for example: “This is a big story but, people here in America aren’t looking down the tracks they don’t see the train coming! These monsters will attack here in America. then it will be real….We need to pray for our christian brothers and sisters and need to prepare our
Souls for the battle that is to come…..GOD BLESS THE MARTYRS IN CHRIST.”

Many others bash Islam. I had to scroll near the bottom to get the direct WND ignorance, though, from “Sean”: “And the US didn’t make the list? Hmmmm…” And “Julia”: “I think it is strange that in such a large, rich and prosperous country like the United States still there are people who fight each other because of religious beliefs. And I am sure that if we were able to agree on tolerance to sexual minorities, then we just have to learn to live with people of other religions too!”

Are You Being Persecuted?

Are You Being Persecuted?

P.S. We all knew my 1-a-day post pledge wouldn’t last, but since it’s Saturday, that means I’ll try to get out three posts today to make up for missing Thursday and Friday.


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