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There are a lot of issues facing the world today. Serious issues. And even more serious issues facing God’s Blessed Nation of Jesusland the USA. Fortunately, we have a branch of government which is on it. These are the 535 (generally) elected men and women who write our laws and make sure our interests are represented in this great nation of ours. Surely, in this time of need, they should spend less time squabbling, less time debating laws, less time holding hearings, less time doing investigations, and less time passing legislation; yay, behold unto them, they need to pray, and pray more, and to make sure it be serious prayer (as opposed to Prayer-Lite®): “Bachmann Issues Call to Prayer.”

As the nation faces serious challenges, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is asking Americans to join members of Congress in serious prayer next week.

She is inviting everyone to pray with lawmakers in spirit, humbly, on behalf of the nation.

Bachmann told WND:

“In light of al-Qaida-affiliated terrorists advancing toward Baghdad, Russian tanks rolling into Ukraine, Iran looking to deploy forces to ‘assist’ in Iraq, Iran continuing its nuclear weapon program, the Obama administration’s decision to release from Gitmo and potentially return to terrorism five of the Taliban’s top operational and policy leaders, China advancing both territorial claims and an aggressive cyber war against United States, the recent surge of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the United States with little to no resistance from our government, daily debt accumulation, the growing government intrusion in our health-care system and more, I am sending out a bipartisan invitation to all of my congressional colleagues to join together next week in Washington, where we can bow our heads and hearts and bend our knees before the Lord in prayer.

“I believe our nation would do well to humbly turn to the Lord and recognize that He and He alone is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

“I hope my colleagues, along with citizens across the country, will join together next week in prayer, asking the Lord for wisdom, mercy, grace, protection, forgiveness and insight on behalf of our nation.”

FYI, this was published June 13, 2014, and written by WND’s Garth Kant.

I have mixed opinions on this. On the one hand, it’s ridiculous and a waste of time and I hate that they’re doing this on taxpayer-funded time. On the other hand, with Congress now having the lowest approval rating of any institute ever polled by Gallup, them wasting their time not passing stupid laws might be preferable.

With 112 comments on the WND article, many are less concerned than I. For example, the top four comments are:

  • “Junglemechanic” – “Call the ball, time and place, I’ll be there. We as a nation and a people are a mess, especially when we replaced God with all kinds of perversions, and called it fairness and equality.”
  • “koinea” – “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess…Jesus is Lord and our salvation.”
  • “gardennigal1” – “There are always troubled times, but the government decided they do not need God and became their own god. Look where that has gotten us.”
  • “Faithful American” – “GOD bless Michele Bachmann: How I wish this CHRISTIAN woman was PRESIDENT!”

I shouldn’t be surprised. Many WND readers (and writers) would prefer that America be a theocracy like much of the Middle East, just a Christian theocracy because we, of course, worship the Right Version of the Right God.


I’m a scientist. That means I start with a hypothesis and I design an experiment to test that. If my experiment is negative, that falsifies my hypothesis — it means my hypothesis is wrong. Christians are immune to that.

Take, for example, an article posted on WND three days ago: “Christians ‘Save Alabama’ with Prayer, Fasting.” The article is quoted from and is in part:

The Christian Coalition of Alabama is launching a campaign to “Save Alabama” through prayer.

The organization is asking Christians across the state to spend the next 49 days praying and fasting with the goal of improving the “seven pillars” of spirituality, sanctity of life, family, education, health, poverty, and economic development/the political process in Alabama.

The prayer campaign includes a new interactive website and an email that will be sent to approximately 900,000 homes in the coming days, said Christian Coalition Executive Director Rev. James Henderson. A Charismatic Episcopal priest from Morgan County, Henderson is a leader of the state’s anti-abortion movement.

They have a hypothesis: God doesn’t like certain things, and because this omnipotent being has a hearing issue (or sight issue?), we need to pray to it so that it knows that stuff it doesn’t like is going on. And then it’s going to change that stuff to make it the way it likes it.

Only … what happens if nothing changes? To me, that would falsify at least some part of the hypothesis. You only have three parts here: The deity doesn’t exist, the deity actually likes what’s going on, or your prayers don’t work. My guess is that they are going to go with the last one, or somehow claim that they do work, that God just works in mysterious ways.

Problem is, this happens all the time. Remember Rick Perry’s prayers for rain in Texas back in 2011 (or was it 2010)? Nothing changed. Or his giant prayer rally that totally-I-swear-was-not-to-rile-up-the-religious-before-I-announced-my-candidacy but really was) that didn’t change anything or help his very, VERY bad presidential run. Rick Perry’s just a bit fun to pick on, but as I said, he’s one example of this happening all the time. And yet, nothing changes. And yet, they refuse to falsify any part of their hypothesis.

The story, posted three days ago, has gotten 4 ratings and averages only 3.00/5. It has also only garnered 8 comments. The highest-rated is by “kingdad” with 13 up-votes and 2 down-votes. It’s full of a lot of capitalization which is just kinda funny to see:

Best Wishes for a successful 49 Days of Prayer and Fasting! Alabama like so many other states needs such dedicated people to pray for the State, Its Leadership at every level, its people, who are good and decent God Fearing Folks (if my visits there are any indication of them), and the various Christian Communities there that have united to help make Alabama a better Place to live. God Bless your Efforts, God Save as many Souls as Possible, and May the State and People of Alabama experience a Holy Spirit Revival, Renewal and Resurrection of Godly Lives and Principles to the Glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Christians Unite and Let’s Take Back America and the World for Christ Jesus!

Now, with that in mind, I don’t necessarily have a problem with this. It’s a religious, non-political group not using public funds asking their members to (basically) wish for something. It’s not really hurting anyone and not violating any church-state separation. I personally think it’s a waste of time and energy, but so what? That’s they’re choice. I also don’t really like what they’re praying for, but again, it’s their choice and that’s why we live in a democracy.