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Why This Blog

Posted: July 18, 2013 in introduction
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World Net Daily (“WND”) is a “news” source that is incredibly conservative.  Not Republican.  Not Tea Party.  Think more conservative, more religious, and more radical than those.  You’d start to get an idea of the kinds of stuff that WND posts.

It includes writers such as birther (Obama wasn’t born in the US) Jerome Corsi, Ted Nugget, Ann Coulter, and persons from many very far-right religious institutes such as Bryan Fisher or Brian Brown.

They do not have an open comment policy on their site. If you disagree with what they say, you almost certainly will be banned. I know, I’ve been banned. I was banned because there was a story awhile back about a girl who was kidnapped by her non-custodial mother and ferried out of the country via a network of churches to keep her away from her custodial mother (gasp! a lesbian relationship!). The story in question was reporting that the preacher who helped on the US side was found guilty of something like child trafficking or kidnapping or some such thing. I posted that I thought it was good that he was because that’s what he did.

I was accused by other commentators of being a pedophile because of my view that someone who kidnaps a child and ships them out of the country should be prosecuted. Apparently, that offended the moderators at WND. No, not me being called a pedophile – that comment is still up. But that I would dare think that a person pulling a girl away from her lesbian mother to live with her ex-gay mother was a bad thing.

Many months later, I have decided to start this. We’ll see how long it lasts. It will be political. It will be (anti-)religious. It will not be PC. It may not even be G-rated. It will have rants. You have been warned.