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Apparently so. In this blog, I have now written 149 posts (including this one) in the few short months since mid-July. I’ve covered a lot of crazy things. A lot of offensive things. Stuff like “stand your ground” laws are only protested by non-white people. Or colleges not teaching dogma makes WND readers scared. Or anything from Pamela Geller, like Obama follows Sharia and the Senate was going to vote to fund al Qaeda.

Lots o’ crazy going on. But, apparently, some are too crazy for WND. Yes, apparently that’s right. According to Right Wing Watch, Peter Brimelow’s latest column was too extreme for World Net Daily. In the column, Brimelow was arguing that Democrats’ “support” for immigration reform was actually support for an invasion and colonization of the United States by non-white immigrants. And this is treason. Why? Because it reduces the overall percentage of whites.

Now, I happen to be very, very white. Sunlight doesn’t burn me, it just goes through — I’m so white I’m practically translucent. So, it’s hard for me to picture myself and understand how non-whites (in another era, I’m sure Brimelow would refer to them as “coloreds”) would react to hearing that. But, I can at least imagine that they would find it offensive if they decided to even let Brimelow’s bigotry affect them emotionally. But, with that in mind, how is that different from WND publishing a column by Linda Harvey saying that homosexuals are pedophiles and homosexuality is a path to self-destruction?

In the same vein, Right Wing Watch has examples of other WND columnists who wrote similar things about immigration. And, obviously, they made it on WND. So … who knows? But, this does shed a tiny bit of interesting light on WND in that apparently, at least as far as some WND editors are concerned, some people are too extreme even for them.

Or something like that. Such as this, um, “article” with an unattributed author from World Net Daily: “When Satan, Devils and Demons are ‘Entertainment.’

For this piece, WND quotes Karl Payne, “an expert on demonology and the author of “Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance.”” To quote:

“This culture is like demonism on steroids. The last time I turned on the TV, one channel was heavily promoting a gory show on zombies and then on another, a show on witches that flirted with the occult was being heavily promoted. The proliferation of media like this desensitizes the public’s awareness of the evil in the world around us and opens up individuals to demonic influence,” Payne stated.

Let’s pause and take this in for a moment. This person, one of many, seriously believes there are literal demons. Not only do those demons exist, but they can “influence” you. He says as much: “There’s the notion that this stuff isn’t real, it’s all ‘fun and games,’ and we shouldn’t worry about it. But the fact is that a part of this stuff is real, and it hurts real people in real life.” Again, let’s pause and take that in. These are people who have a loud voice. These are people who influence people in political office. Heck– these are people who ARE in political office.

Does that frighten any of you as much as it does me?

And, just to continue this a bit, the post on WND has garnered 64 ratings with an average of 4.06/5. It has 182 comments. And, they are predictable. From “djmdgo”‘s “Satan is real …” to “BibleMan11223344″‘s, “The high ratings of these demonic programs goes to show how far from the Lord we as a culture have strayed.”

This was so “out there” that Right Wing Watch even did a piece on it, though they provided less commentary than I.

Ahem. This is going to be a short post. FOX and other outlets are reporting what WND has headlined, “Obama Pushes ‘Girly’ Hats on Marines.” WND put this out three days ago, it has 14 ratings with an average score of 3.57/5, and it has earned 165 comments. The top ones are of course anti-homosexual and anti-Obama.

In response, I give you the following image. And that is all.

Fox "News" On Girly Marine Hats vs Reality

Fox “News” On Girly Marine Hats vs Reality

Fixed Links

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Memo to the Reader

It appears as though my attempt to do things a bit faster resulted in links that were not working. I have gone back over the last dozen posts and I think fixed everything. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if I’ve missed anything.

We can get right to this one, too. Joseph Farah’s latest column is entitled, “The Choice Is Clear in Virginia.” He wants you to vote a certain way, for Ken Cuccinelli, in the governor’s race in Virginia. Joseph describes him as the following:

Ken Cuccinelli is the current attorney general of the state and the Republican candidate for governor. He has led the state’s fight against participation in Obamacare. He is a strong proponent of limited government, free enterprise solutions to economic problems, a supporter of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He’s everything conservatives, libertarians and Republicans say they want in a leader.

Hmm. Let’s see what Right Wing Watch has to say about him:

All of those are just from the past five weeks. I don’t think much more needs to be said.

Yup. Remember, that Christian Minority sure has it hard. Many town, city, state, and even federal legislatures start sessions with prayers, mostly Christian, but a teensy bit of others so it’s all legal. It’s in the pledge of allegiance. It’s also on money. Stamps. Federal buildings. The national Motto has an ode to the Christian god. Every president in American history has been some denomination of Christianity.

But in case you’ve forgotten just how much the Christian minority are persecuted, Bob Unruh is reminding you in an article published yesterday, “Gov’t in Massive Crush of Religious Freedom.”

Bob lists numerous examples, pretty much from the Liberty Institute, a very religious and very conservative law firm. Let’s copy and paste a few examples from the WND article.

  • A pastor in New York won the right to hold a Bible study in community center that had banned “religious” events.
  • A church in Dallas was ejected from an empty high school where it had been holding Sunday services, even they the church had a valid lease.
  • The city of Plano, Texas, tried to prevent WillowCreek Fellowship Church from opening because of the angle of the roof of its church building.
  • An Ohio library ordered a Christian group not to meet there to talk about traditional marriage, unless advocates for homosexuality also were present.
  • An African-American church in Texas was billed for property taxes after its building burned down. The assessor’s argument was that members no longer could meet on the property, so it no longer was tax-exempt.
  • The NFL threatened churches showing the Super Bowl on their big screen televisions.
  • A church in Brookville, Pa., was fined for opening its parsonage to three homeless men to live there.
  • A minister’s invitation to the National Prayer Luncheon was revoked because he was critical of open homosexuality in the military.
  • The city of Cheyenne, Wy., denied permission for a non-profit organization to run a daycare center.
  • An Alabama student was ordered not to wear a cross necklace, and a valedictorian in Iowa was ordered to give a secular speech.

Obviously without more details, I can’t really say anything about these cases specifically. However, to me, they all sound like examples of ordinances, regulations, and laws that apply to everyone, occasionally don’t make sense, and when they don’t make sense and they apply to a church, suddenly it’s persecution of Christians.

Of course, thinking critically is not a mainstay of World Net Daily readers. The story has 456 ratings with an average score of 4.80/5. It has 471 comments. And of course, they agree with Bob.

For example, “vwjack” has 37 up-votes and 0 down-votes and wrote: “There is no war against religion in America. There is a war against Christians and Christianity in America.”

The rest of the comments are similar.

Was that headline over the top? Maybe a bit. WND linked to a WRAL article and titled it, “Parents Urged to Reject Homeschool Visits.” Not that hard to figure out the point of the article, but I’ll copy the first three paragraphs anyway, just as WND did:

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest says the parents of students who are home-schooled should send government bureaucrats packing if they ask to visit.

Forest made the comments in a news release sent to reporters late Monday. He was reacting to a decision by the state’s Division of Non-Public Education to select five home-schools at random for site visits this year. That announcement garnered attention from advocates in the home school community.

Some of those same advocates said Monday they had been told the school visits would not take place. They quoted an email from David Mills, director of the division, as saying, “It has come to my attention that the effort to make a small sampling of homeschool visits is not well understood by homeschoolers. Today, as of October 14, 2013, I do not plan to do any more after the initial five I have already contacted.”

Let’s look at this logically: People are home-schooling, meaning that they are teaching their children whatever subject to very few regulations and very few checks on what is being taught. Random sampling of just a few of those homes that are schooling their own children would check to see if even the minimum requirements are being met.

Let’s look at this through the eyes of a super-conservative: Government in my house looking into what I do and what I teach my children!? Don’t make me get my gun! I can teach my kids all Truth comes from the Bible if I want to!

Ahem. I may have overdone that a bit. Sorry. But, while the story was posted 13 hours ago, it has 9 comments that echo this sentiment. For example, we have “Teaparty01” with 7 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “DO NOT LET THESE AGENTS OF EVIL INTO YOUR HOMES. TELL THEM TO GET LOST”

There’s also “GTHSBB Momma” who wrote this: “It is a tactic of tyrannical statists to suggest that one’s refusal to submit to unwarranted inspections, searches, and examinations is an implication of guilt. Stop worrying about what others think of you; worry about what others want to DO TO YOU. If anyone feels provoked by a request being rebuffed, that is their problem, not yours. If they try to make it your problem, contact HSLDA.” She also wrote this: “Never give the government one inch more than what they are legally entitled to have. This applies to homeschooling, and all circumstances in life. As it is, the government is far too intrusive in our lives. We are to obey the laws as we must, until such time as we reclaim our nation and reinstitute Constitutional restraints on its various tiers of government.”

Granted, some were more sane. “ComDog66” wrote, “This is a very touchy situation. As Homeschoolers, we DO NOT want to seem evasive, rude or provoking. On the other hand, I would NOT let these people in our home. Let them go investigate Caesar’s children!”

And we also have the “reason” that conservatives home-school, from “Tim,” who has 16 up-votes and 0 down-votes (current highest-rated): “The Left HATE home-schooling because they can’t brainwash and indoctrinate those children on a daily basis.”

This is one of those articles that just makes me pissed at the human race: “60 Injured at ‘Gay’-Pride March.” Basically, a gay pride parade happened in Podgorica (in Montenegro) and 1500 anti-gay rioters tried to cause (and succeeded in causing) trouble, when they clashed with hundreds of police who were protecting the marchers. Only 60 were arrested, and the marchers had to be evacuated in police cars to a safe place. So much for a civilized society.

The WND article right now has 3 ratings (published a day ago) with an average score of 3.67/5. It has 56 very anti-gay comments:

  • “timbo” has 14 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “anti-gay extremists”? C’mon, they were only trying to flush the crap. That is what you do when the toilet is full and stinks, isn’t it?”
  • “kingdad” has 19 up-votes and 2 down-votes: “Sad and Pathetic actions by the Police of a so-called Conservative nation. Gays, etc. bring nothing but STDs, AIDS/HIV and Trouble. Just look around the world and see the increased Healthcare costs of members of these groups.”
  • “Snod” has 8 up-votes and 0 down-votes: “Keep trying to force deviant behavior down people’s throats and more violence will occur.”
  • “PridebeforetheFall” has 10 up-votes and 1 down-vote: “I pray for those living under the lie “born this way.” It is an insidious lie that was created to remove personal responsibility from choosing to live a life of sin, worse yet it leaves individuals believing one day they will stand before God and blame Him for their being gay. Homosexuality is a choice, if it were not there would be no use of the term “ex-gay” for those who have seen the light.”

“Sebastian” tried to respond to “Snod”‘s comment and got 5 down-votes for his trouble: “Because violence is the “Christian” response right? Do as Jesus would, love thy neighbor and all that…. riiiiiiiiight…. looks like the people on this board will be the ones answering to God on judgment day.”

Why am I writing about this and copying these kinds of ignorant and bigoted Christian Love™ responses? Because this is the main reason that I created this blog: To point out what these people say (so you don’t have to comb through them for yourself) because, while these people are fringe, they have sway in politics and elections and some (clearly, per this article’s reporting) are prone to violence. Knowledge is power, and knowing that these people exist is important.

Yesterday, WND put up a CNS News story (three paragraphs and a link, anyway), headlined, “Math Skills: U.S. 21st Out of 23 Economies.” A-yup. This is kinda similar to my post last week, “U.S. Adults Are Dumb, so World Net Daily Commenters Blame Liberals, Not Religious Fanaticism.” Except in this case, WND commenters blame liberal policies.

For example:

  • Top-rated “deeme” with 4 up- and 0 down-votes wrote: “17 trillion in debt, we obviously don’t get math…”
  • Next up “wearyconservative1946” with 3 up- and 0 down-votes: “But our kids know everything about sex by third grade. Is it just me, or does this seem like a pretty stupid tradeoff?”
  • Tied is “crustyoldtvtech” with: “And this with per-student expenditures in government schools at an all-time high…so, one might ask, what ARE they teaching in government schools? And, second question, where is my tax money going? It is most certainly NOT going to math education.”
  • Also tied is “We_s”: “I am sure that this news has obama and his bots saying “woohoo!!!, we are number one (after twenty)”
  • Or “Truth Matters” with 2 up-votes: “The NEA can be proud for creating sub standard students. Soon America will be dead last in all subjects producing the dumbest nation on earth. A stunning achievement from the “teachers” union that is in control of educating your children.”
  • And “wickerwhite” with 1 up-vote: “If you think it is bad now, wait until Common Core is fully implemented across the nation as it is scheduled for next year for those states who have taken the bribe of Race to the Top wherein to get stimulus money for RTTT, they had to agree to adopt Common Core standards. Under Common Core, there will be the implementation of a new Third Reich, orchestrated by Obama and Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education.” (He goes on, but you get the idea.)

So, liberals are to blame. Because it’s liberals who say that if you don’t agree with the science (climate change), you can just legislate it out of existence (Congress, South Carolina). It’s liberals who mostly home-school so there are few standards to adhere to. It’s liberals who thump the Bible as the source of knowledge and science and reason. Yeah …

That’s not to say – to be fair – that there aren’t some liberals who also will ignore science that disagrees with them. However, it has long been the case that it’s the conservatives, especially Republicans in the past decade or so, that is the anti-science party. Granted, this is math. But, math and science are pretty closely related.

Unsurprising that World Net Daily is advancing this article from the Washington Times: “Tea Party Reps Prep to Fight ‘Surrender Caucus.’

If you’re reading this and don’t know what I’m talking bout, you haven’t been following US politics for the past few years, or even the past two weeks: The super-conservative Tea Party group caucuses with the Republicans in Congress to give them a majority, though it’s unsurprising considering that, for some reason I don’t really understand, the US has a two-party system where any third party is very quickly swept up into one of the other two major parties. It is very, very difficult – if impossible – to get elected to any major political office in the US and not be a part of one of the major two political parties.

But, Tea Party people don’t really belong to the Republicans. They caucus with them, sure, but they are too conservative for their own political good. They also don’t like to play political games that are the standard in most statehouses and at the national level (to be fair, I don’t like the political games, either).

However, they also refuse to compromise. I don’t care how principled your stand is. Politics is about compromise. You get something you want by giving into something the other side wants. The Tea Party caucus does not, and it’s because of their refusal to compromise and because John Boehner refused to stand up to them that the government shut down. When more pragmatic people finally brokered a deal – I never thought I’d be calling Mitch McConnell “pragmatic” – and Boehner allowed it to come up for a vote in the House that the shutdown ended.

But, that pissed off the Tea Party. No compromise, then compromise, means the no-compromise people are ticked. Duh. And that’s what this article is about. They’re going off and throwing a temper tantrum pledging to get rid of those republicans who decided that, for the good of the country, they were going to compromise as opposed to act like a spoiled two-year-old and pout with their arms crossed. The Tea Party people are vowing to oust the more pragmatic Republicans in upcoming elections.

Considering that now, more than ever before, polls are showing a factor of two increase in the extreme dislike of the tea party, well, good luck with that. Actually, no. I don’t wish you good luck. You act like spoiled petulant children who make terroristic threats when things don’t go your way. Bringing to a halt the government of the United States for sixteen days because you can’t get universal healthcare de-funded means that YOU should be ousted and YOU should be the ones that get kicked out of office.