Comments Policy

Given the background of this blog’s genesis (that WND censors comments that they generally disagree with), my idea was to have a very open comments policy. Given that it’s getting a tad more readership, as with any blog, some bad eggs tend to ruin it for everyone.

Since my goal is to highlight free expression, I’m not going to censor views that I disagree with. However, I will censor comments that are the following:

  • Advertisements / testimonials, especially for pseudoscience (this has come up a few times on the post (singular, so far) about HIV/AIDS).
  • Comments that do not deal with the topic of the post.
  • Comments that are vulgar.

For example, if someone wants to post, “Statements like “More evidence that it’s conservatives and Bible thumpers who contribute to the dumbing down of America” by leftist atheist morons is what ticks ME off.” then I would allow that comment through. IF it were on a post that dealt with the dumbing down of America. Not on a post dealing with lunar eclipses.

I should also be very clear that my comments policy is mine to interpret and I am the final arbertur (it is my blog, after all). I do not owe you an explanation if your comment is not approved. I do not owe you a personal e-mail describing how you can fix it to get it through. If you’re not sure why it didn’t get posted, head over here, re-read those three bullet points above, and then ask yourself if your comment included any of those points. Chances are that it did.


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