Types of Things World Net Daily (WND) Posts


These are lengthy articles like a normal news site, several paragraphs wrong, usually written by someone on staff. There are several of these that normally come out in the evening US-time. These usually get the most comments of the types of stuff WND posts.


WND has several columnists who write for them, such as Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter or Chuck Norris. These come out maybe once a week or once every-other week from each person, so there’s normally around one a day. These get a lot of comments usually.

Links to Other News Articles

WND posts numerous snippets (first three paragraphs) of other articles it gathers around the web many times a day throughout the day. It always has links to the original article, but I still find it a teensy bit sketchy. I’m sure their lawyers have signed off on it, though. An interesting aspect of these is that WND often finds the most conservative or fringe website reporting the article and posts to that, such as Fox or Breitbart or a religious Christian site. These are hit-and-miss with comments — some get a lot, some get one or two, many others get none.


WND gets hate mail and praise mail. As do most sites. WND goes the extra step and publishes some of them. With the full name of the sender. These typically are posted in the afternoon US-time. Very rarely do people comment on them.

Jokes, Polls, Bible Verses, Cartoons

WND typically also posts a joke of the day that is often anti-liberal, rarely funny, but some are just common humor.

They also post polls that are clearly biased towards their readership. They’ll have maybe a dozen answers, only one being what most Americans would consider tolerant or sane. The others are various degrees of ultra-conservative responses, and the votes typically max out at the 2nd or 3rd most-conservative response.

WND publishes a daily “inspirational” bible verse.

And, they usually post a daily cartoon that’s always sourced from a highly conservative source and is often incredibly racist (since half the time they deal with President Obama).

  1. anti26 says:

    I listened to you on “The Conspiracy Skeptic” today and decided to check out this site, as you seemed anxious to mention it. I’m glad someone can stomach this BS as I cannot. I do have a subscription to Red State but I can never bring myself to open the emails. Thank you for “taking one for the team”. BTW, I love Cecil and Tom at CD, too. Much luck, Lee Ann

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