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This article is particularly funny WND because I saw it in my RSS feed just as I’m watching President Obama talk live from the White House saying that the US will not attack Syria until after Congress has given approval. The article is posted by Stewart Stogel and entitled, “Syria Attack: ‘If It Comes, It Comes Tonight.’

Yeah, so much for that:

Former U.S./U.N. Ambassador and State Department negotiator John Bolton tells WND he expects the White House to launch its attack on Syria this weekend.

Bolton went on to suggest that such an attack could come late Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

It’s fun when WND is shown to be wrong within an hour.


I went to a fairly good university for my undergraduate degree. A general education requirement involved several humanities courses, and I took psychology for a few of those credits. My class was not one of them, but many others who took introductory psychology had an assignment that for a day or a week or something like that, they had to handicap themselves in some way, and then they had to write about that experience for a homework assignment.

Some students put earplugs in. Made it a bit difficult to do homework together. Others put rocks in their shoes. The daring wore blindfolds. I had one friend who put tape around all the fingers of one hand, effectively making it so she could only use one hand.

The assignment is a classic, and it opens a lot of eyes to how persons with disabilities have to cope to function in modern society.

A version of that assignment that I did not have and that I don’t think any of my friends had was to, instead of creating a handicap, make yourself a minority. Obviously it might be hard to do that and not be offensive. [start being obviously offensive]You could go out in black face and an afro wig. Or tape your eyes up and drive a car poorly. Or talk with a hick accent.[/end being obviously offensive]

It’s the same basic idea, but with a twist. That twist was apparently done by Dr. Linda Brunton at Columbia State Community College. She had her students wear gay pride ribbons.

That’s the subject of the link to the Columbia Daily Herald that WND has entitled, “Teacher Cleared in Gay-Rights Inquiry.” With that background, and that title, I think you get the idea of what the article is about. It was also extra credit, by the way. But of course, the particular article that WND links to doesn’t mention that, and those commenters who do, are down-voted.

And, predictably, World Net Daily commenters are, well, let’s just say “unpleased.”

From “bluevanda,” we have this: “Yes, the public university systems have become cesspools of stupidity right along with the K-12 government school system.”

Many of the comments emphasize the huge and obvious War on Christians in our country (uh huh). Take, for example, “Reason2012″‘s post: “There’s a much better test of prejudice: have students hand out tracts about Jesus and then report back on the hatred and prejudice they received, especially from professing homosexuals, now that we know such things will “not infringe on students’ First Ammendment rights”.”

Finally (for this blog, anyway), we have the very enlightened post by the appropriately hillbilly name “Jimbob” who writes: “Take the ribbon, throw it on the floor and stomp on it.” Something tells me that might have been the Professor’s entire point – how would he feel if his identity, something he was born with and can’t change, were stomped on by some bigoted, ignorant hick? Might open some eyes.

I guess when you put it that way, WND’s position seems stupid. Well, it probably would seem stupid to most people, but I like the way I put it.

This is a story snippet from NBC News that WND has titled, “IRS to Recognize ‘Gay’ Marriages Across U.S.” Yup, there’s that nice “scare quotes” around The “Gay” so that even their grammar makes it clear they hate The Gay.

The subject of the article is really summarized by that headline, and this week has seen a string of wins for homosexual equality: Wal*Mart (nation’s largest retailer) extending benefits to same-sex couples, announcement that Justice Ginsburg becoming the first Supreme Court Justice to officiate over a same-sex wedding, New Mexico county clerks issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, and this: The IRS announcing that, for purposes of filing taxes, same-sex couples who were legally married can file jointly as “Married” regardless of whether or not they live in a state that recognizes that union.

I’m fairly sure that this is in direct response to the Supreme Court striking down major parts of the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA) several months ago. DOMA made it so that the federal government could not recognize any same-sex marriage regardless of its legality to any state. The striking means that they now have to. Ergo, makes sense that the IRS, a branch of the US federal government that now has to recognize same-sex marriages, will – gasp! – recognize same-sex marriages for tax-filing purposes.

WND commenters are none-too-pleased.

“stlouisix” has an interesting li’l non sequitur rant:

Flouting the just laws of States who recognize the importance of The Declaration of Independence’s premium on obedience to the “laws of nature and of nature’s God” for the sake of the common good, READ America’s survival, is par for the course for a diabolic Administration headed by a disciple of the devil who wants company in hell!

People of faith and right reason owe Obama and his IRS Gestapo nothing in that regard, per their constitutional freedom of religion rights to oppose that which the moral teaching of their faith summarily condemns!

Here are the priorities for the Obamunists: 1) baby killing from conception to post birth given Obama’s non support of a Born Alive Infant Protection Act as a dead baby promised to his Planned Barrenhood constituency must be a dead baby delivered, 2) the acceptance of sexual perversion as normal, the invariant teaching of the natural law against this moral atrocity, which, per Genesis 18 and 19, is a grave sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance, be damned, and 3) the destruction of our proven efficient American energy system along with the millions of jobs it supports via the lies of the Gore Green Goblins that have been long since abandoned by sane countries not having a death wish for their economies – all under force of unconstitutional unjust law that is owed no obedience whatsoever!

He has the second-highest-rated comment right now with 6 up and 1 down vote. He earned a comment from “richardwayne” who got 1 up and 1 down vote for his trouble: “What do your own personal religious beliefs have to do with the equal civil rights of people who think differently? The 4000 year old Jewish creation myths in Genesis has nothing to do with it.”

Our friend the “UnapologeticConservative” responded even to that (no votes yet) with: “Why do I care what you think? Why would I respect your rights? You mean nothing to me, so I am going to take everything from you. That will make me feel good, therefore it is right. When I look at you, I just see Soylent Green, waiting to be processed.”

Another day, another example of Good Ol’ Chrisian Loveā„¢.

This is a weird one and took me awhile to figure out. I’ll post the train of figuring out in order:

1. WND publishes a snippet from WattsUpWithThat entitled, “World Federation of Scientists Cools on Global Warming.” Wow. Sounds serious and important. And my “argument from authority” detector went off, especially with a name like “World Federation of Scientists.”

2. What’s the source? It’s a blog run by Anthony Watts. Totally dedicated to “debunking” climate change. One of his main links is to Climategate.

3. I went to the RationalWiki page on Anthony Watts. He’s a former radio host and weatherman. Please note: Weatherman is NOT a climate scientist. Neither is radio host. RationalWiki calls him out on “statistical bullshitting.”

4. Okay, so that’s just a non sequitur (though raises the skeptical flags) until I can find the original source. Again, what’s the World Federation of Scientists. It’s a group that has a website from the 1990s. Apparently they have “Permanent Monitoring Panels.” And one of them is on Climatology. With one member. So this is one person’s opinion on the matter, that’s it, Christopher Essex.

5. To top it off, a ScienceBlogs writer calls this out as a WTF moment.

So, there you go. Turns out this apparent big name “World Federation of Scientists” is actually one person who’s taken over a panel that used to be made of many people who gave his opinion at a conference. Big whoop. (Of course, it is to WND commenters.)

Anyone who hasn’t read this blog from the beginning or the About page, read the About Page first. I’ll wait.

Okay, so you now know that my perfectly reasonable comment got me banned.

Yesterday, WND published a snippet from a Weekly Standard article entitled, “Obama Now Saying, ‘I Have Not Made a Decision’ on Syria.” (For those in a cave or reading this years later, this week, the US appears to be seriously intervening in Syria’s Civil War, though the UK just voted against intervention, and Russia is demanding a UN Security Council meeting on the subject.)

The article isn’t important. It’s the top-rated comment by “Jim:”

Mr. Obama, you know in your heart you are anti-American, anti-white, Anti-Christian, anti-Israel and you are a Homosexual. This is why we despise you. You are engaged in actively attacking all that is good and lifting up and supporting that which is evil. What is so enraging is your shameless lawlessness and your manipulation of the poor ignorant who support you.

That comment has three up-votes and zero down-votes. It is the top-rated comment on this post.

Welcome to World Net Daily, your place to go when you’re afraid that the world is just a bit too rational.

It’s an e-mail into WND, and it’s the only one I’ve ever seen that World Net Daily won’t publish the person’s name (it’s just listed as “Anonymous”): “Soldier: Army Blocking Conservative Websites.”

The e-mail to WND states that the person is in the Army and that when he tried to open a link in an e-mail he got from the Tea Party Nation, he got an error saying that the website could not be accessed because it was a “political/activist group.” Same with the Tea Party Nation website. But not nor Code Pink nor Media Matters.

He concludes: “So it seems the Army is beginning to block conservative sites from access on their computers, but allowing access to progressive websites.”

And I’m fairly shocked that in the last 6+ days, no one has commented on this. Now, it is true that most e-mails WND publishes do not get any comments. But this one is particularly surprising.

World Net Daily – among many other right-wing sites, calls for President Obama to be impeached practically daily. I count at least three articles this week about it on WND this week, and the week isn’t over yet in the US.

It’s seriously not worth going into the subject of the posts nor the comments of the commenters. Though the latest two stories I have up are commenting on other people saying that impeachment of Obama is only among the right-wing fringe, and the other specifically is a link to an article (“OUT OF LEFT FIELD”) that specifically says WND’s constant drumming of the issue is “absurdity.”

I’m not even going to link to the articles — it’s not worth it. What I will link to is a Time article/blog entitled, “The Escalating GOP Call to Impeach Obama.” I link to it because it emphasizes the apparent fact – that I didn’t know – that pretty much ever since Ronald Reagan (hallowed be His name), people have been calling for the impeachment of every sitting president fairly often.

So, WND’s constant call might be annoying, repetitive, and petulant, but it’s nothing new or special. And there’s not an escalating movement, despite what they try to tell you.