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In a post of a Military Times article, WND pronounces, “Playboy, Penthouse OK’d for Military Posts.” The jist of the article is that the military is going to allow these magazines (and some others) to be sold on military bases because they don’t meet the definition of “indecent material” under federal law. Okay, fine. So male soldiers are going to be able to get some “dirty magazines” so it doesn’t show up in their internet browser history. I really couldn’t care less.

But the WND commenters could. In fact, they care a great deal about this. Other than one person saying that this is part of the Communist Goals for taking over America (“Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting
pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV”), most are lamenting the moral decline and several are pointing out that it’s ridiculous to allow these but not let soldiers prosthelytize (a word I had to look up the spelling for).

For example, the second-highest rated comment now is from “Liber_sum” who states:

“Porn is not considered indecent, but a Christian soldier sharing their faith in Christ is? How long before a soldier faces a court martial for being a Christian? Liberals in the Pentagon are saying that soldiers who share their faith are enemies of the Constitution.”

No, that’s not considered indecent. What’s considered indecent is when a soldier makes others feel uncomfortable due to their trying to get others to follow their religion, or telling another soldier they’re going to hell for not believing their religion, or commanding officers making it mandatory to go to prayer groups. If someone were doing that with Playboy, holding it up and reading from it to all their fellow soldiers in the barracks, well, first off I doubt many would care, but second, that would be the same as prosthelytizing with religion. No one is forcing you to buy Playboy. Grow up.

Chelsea Schilling got to pen yesterday’s (Friday, July 26’s) most-commented-on article, “World’s ‘Hottest’ Porn Star Gives Life to God” (sorry ladies and gay guys, this one’s a girl, so no need to click to see pictures — straight guys, you may want to).

The article is about 26-year-old Jenna Presley (real name Brittni Ruiz) who, according to Schilling’s article …

Once named by Maxim as one of the hottest porn stars in the world, Jenna Presley performed in more than 275 pornographic films, stripped for money, sold her body in prostitution, abused drugs and even tried to kill herself – but now the young brunette stunner says she has found her true calling in life.

“Thank you, Jesus! I found Him, I’m home!” she declared, announcing that she has become a born-again Christian.

To summarize the story, this is a woman who was allegedly raped at age 14 and by 18 was already in the industry. She did a lot of stuff, got awards in the industry, and then met a guy while attending church but the guy was killed. She went back to porn, and – Thank the Lord! – “then XXX Church, an outreach ministry that focuses on helping people leave the porn industry and fight porn addictions, found Ruiz at a porn convention. The XXX Church distributed hundreds of Bibles and declared, “Jesus loves porn stars.”” Hmm … almost might be worth joining if they paid for me to go to a porn convention. Then again, no.

The next paragraph of the article states that she left the industry in November 2012 and “gave her life to God this year [2013]” and now works for a limo company. It includes a video of her telling her story that I did not watch.

Writing this post 6 hours after Schilling’s story was posted, the WND article has 183 comments, 11 of which were removed by WND’s censors.

The vast majority of these comments are your basic praising god and “God bless her” and saying that she now needs to do outreach and her story will bring other porn actors into the loving Christian fold. For example, the top comment right now (44 up-votes, 0 down) is from “3453353454” who states: “Her calling has just begun. There will be MANY, MANY more porn stars, club dancers, xxx places where salvations will occur for those woman. This woman, WILL reach many.”

Though I’m not entirely sure how Discus ranks comments because there’s one below it with 52 up-votes and 1 down, saying that angels in heaven are doing flips and jumping for joy.

I can’t see the comments that WND found too mainstream to allow to stand. In fact, the most down-voted comment that’s there right now is just, “Oh brother,” with 2 up-votes and 10 down-votes. There are a lot of un-removed responses to the moderated comments that have a lot of up-votes.

One I find particularly ironic given, well, pretty much every post on this blog, is from “Bethany Amanda” who responded, “If you saw her at church, I would hope you’d show her Christlike forgiveness and grace and love. You may remember that Jesus not only spent his time with people like her, but defended people like her from people like you. “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone,” and such.”

Yes, that’s what Christian Love™® is supposed to be about. As opposed to the hatred and bigotry that’s spewed in response to most other WND articles.

Personally, I really don’t care about this. I’m glad that she’s no longer (hopefully) in a situation where she’ll try to commit suicide, and I’m glad that she’s off of drugs. But whether she’s in porn or in the church, I really don’t care.