Justice Ginsburg Officiates Same-Sex Wedding and World Net Daily Commenters are Outraged

Posted: September 3, 2013 in homosexuality
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To be honest, I’m surprised it took three days for World Net Daily to post this. I saw the announcements about it on August 30, but WND didn’t post about it until September 2. Perhaps because FOX “news” itself, which WND decided to link to for the story they entitled, “Ginsburg Officiates at Same-Sex Wedding,” didn’t post it until September 1.

The article’s main point is quite clear by the title. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the most liberal members of the US Supreme Court today. Such a story is, therefore, not surprising. Nor is it surprising the commenters by WND folks.

For example, we have “Amerizon Warrior” with 11 up-votes and 0 down-votes (I wish I could down-vote due to grammar): “and she has the NERVE to call conservatives activists…what a hypocrite! she should never have been appointed to the ussc…she is not loyal to this country”

“renojmc” with 15 up and 1 down: “A vile and disgusting person officiating a “wedding” between two vile and disgusting people. All of these fools are simply invoking God’s wrath on them.”

“mossback” with 5 up and 0 down votes wrote: “Why has that dried up old Crow not been put to pasture in a straight jacket? She is a perfect example for the need for term limits!”

“jtilii” with 5 up and 0 down: “What an old CROW!! To all those who celebrate this debauchery, can you just fly far, far away now and off to never-never land?”

But, it’s really just “Mikeyh0” with 5 up and 1 down-vote that I want to comment on, and really only their first sentence: “Gee, she seems so fair-minded and not driven by an agenda, doesn’t she?”

It was when I read this that I decided to put it up here on WND Watch. The reason is that it is such hypocrisy to say that Ginsburg is the one driven by an agenda. I direct you to Justice Antonin Scalia. Right Wing Watch has just a small sampling of probably the most outspoken Supreme Court Justice in recent memory. And one of the most conservative.

For example, April 18, 2013: “Even as Scalia and his colleagues consider a challenge to a key provision of that law [the Voting Rights Act], Scalia chose this forum [University of California Washington Center] to elaborate on a claim he first raised during oral arguments, when he called the law a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” This week, he echoed that claim, calling the law an “embedded” form of “racial preferment.””

Or on October 25, 2010, when Scalia “said traditional Christians should have the courage to embrace their faith. … What is irrational is to reject a priori, with no investigation, the possibility of miracles in general and of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in particular – which is, of course, precisely what the worldly wise do.”

Or, just generically his anti-gay moments, such as defending employment and housing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, or comparing a ban on homosexuality to a ban on murder.

Ginsburg may be one of the more outspoken liberal Justices, but Scalia takes the cake in both being outspoken and a stereotypical grumpy old straight white man stuck in the mentality of the early 1800s when blacks knew their place and gays all hid in dark closets.

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