More Homosexual Acceptance Equals Pedophilia

Posted: July 19, 2013 in homosexuality, psychology
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This being my fourth post, it’s the first one about a full article written by someone at WND or for WND specifically. We have: “‘Gay’ Laws Set Stage for Pedophilia ‘Rights’” by Jack Minor.

I could really just rant about the headline itself. It’s something the ultra-conservatives have been saying for years, if not decades (sorry, I haven’t been around that long). Because two consenting adults who can sign a legal document is the same as one consenting adult and one non-consenting minor who can’t sign a legal document. Sure …

But it gets better. The first paragraph says that it’s “family advocates” that warn of this. The next paragraph has this family advocate as Linda Harvey of Mission America. Linda Harvey has equated acceptance of homosexuality to believing the Sun revolves around Earth. Linda Harvey has said that gays are like bullies and terrorists, and they deserve to be fired because they insist on displaying their lifestyles to everyone (I certainly don’t, I still get people being surprised when they find out). So, this is the woman who is a family advocate that WND is using as their source.

The rest of the article is about a few very fringe groups in the psychology world who claim that pedophilia is just another sexuality. I didn’t know about this claim until an episode of Law and Order SVU from a few years back when we learned that their psychiatrist, George Wong, was gay. I really didn’t bother to read the rest of the article. I skimmed the end that seemed to be a(n un)fair bit of quote mining.

The comments are typical WND, and there are 14 as I write this. Two say that this is Sodom and Gomorrah all over again. Several are equating homosexuality with pedophilia.

Some juicy tidbits:

  • we have allowed our Souls to be taken over by Satan
  • There is not hope for many, in our nation, like President Obama, he lost all his Morals long ago and will never be able to be saved, but let him burn in Hell, no loss
  • Okaying of the “morning after pill” for minors of any age without parental consent is the beginning of the legalization of adult/child sex in the future
  • Don’t we see that if we continue on this downward spiral of morals we will be judged and condemned? Just like Sodom and Gomorrah was. Except it will be worse. God will use our nation as an example for the rest of the world.
  • Of course, they (the left) will not stop until no two bricks stand together. They still will not be happy because part of their pathos is perpetual unhappiness.
  • The liberal elements perished. Unable to survive after the society they destroyed collapses, only the remnant of strong, morally conservative people remain to start over again. And that is what will happen with America. Only the morally conservative will survive the chaos of the loss of our nation when it collapses.

Finally, Mikeyh0 says:

“A young boy is told in school that homosexuality is okay. In California they even celebrate homosexuality with a Harvey Milk Day. So when an older boy or man approaches this youngster and maybe talks him into a sex act, to whom could the child complain? Or better yet why would he think anything was wrong in the first place? They are CELEBRATING homosexuality!! [Hey kids, you like parades? We got ’em!] California law also states that therapists are not allowed to denigrate homosexuality to any child – even the victim of rape. And the idea that watching child pornography will ease the pedophiles desires to have sex with a minor is ludicrous. Where do they think the pornography comes from? It’s a child having sex, you dimwits. How is THAT better? Or even different? I know maybe it’s just photos of naked children. That’s a lot better. Not.”


Edited to Add (July 27, 2013): Looks like WND got some e-mail with regards to this article and published it in full:

It is always interesting to study the pages of WND.

Linking pedophilia to being gay has always been a favorite canard of bigots. I find it amusing that you have some articles about “ex-gays” and how easily sexual orientation can be changed, as a choice. You also have articles about pedophiles that say it cannot possibly be changed, even though it is a sexual orientation.

Be a little consistent. I know it is tough for you people to think things through.

Ron Johns

  1. Why do you bother with this appalling stuff? What these people say is nonsense, why waste your time on it?

    • Stuart Robbins says:

      Like it or not (and most of us are a firm “NOT”), a lot of people think this way, and they vote. I skim the headlines and sometimes take a look at the articles to see how these people think. I then yell at them in my head. I started this just to move some of the ranting from my head to the internet. After all, that’s what a lot of the internet is, right? (1) Porn, (2) Star Trek debates, and (3) opinionated people ranting.

      I make no apologies for it.

  2. Jimtanker says:


    I just see it as another form of entertainment. Watching these self destructing delusional hypocrites rant and rave like this is like watching an episode of Jerry Springer. I just sit back and laugh.

    And then, later on, I cry because I know that these people are real and they vote.

  3. johanges says:

    I think it is healthy to keep an eye on these loons. Laws and political trends do originate amongst them these days. Über-ultra rightwing is trending and ignorance is not bliss.

  4. flip says:

    Why does these people always forget that back in Bible times it was ok to have 12 or 13 year old girls marrying and having kids? … Hmm, rhetorical question strikes again.

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